Gallaxy collisionThere’s a great sense of renewal and rebirth when I see the first flowers of Spring popping up through the ground that has been frozen all winter.  It’s the surprise of walking into the yard one morning and finding that first blossom.  I always feel energized and ready to start new projects as the trees are budding.

What are you doing this Spring to start something new?  Make a commitment to choose at least one thing new and follow through.

We’re having fun in the Rainbow Balance Color Therapy Class in Maryland.  If you aren’t local but would like to learn how to use color vibrations for healing yourself and others on all levels, then stay tuned and we’ll be offering it again as an online class.  Some of the students are continuing on for certification to use this system to help others improve their lives.  This might be just the tool to add to your coaching/healing toolbox so we’ll keep you informed of the upcoming dates.

I recently heard someone say, ‘I didn’t know I could host a Conversation with The Other Side!’ and decided that I should let you all know that YOU can host one, either in person or online via videoconference.  AND if you host one of these fun and educational events, YOU attend for free!  Check out the details here, then send me an email letting me know you’d like to get on the calendar.  This is a great time to get a message from your angels, spirit guides or loved ones on the Other Side.  I look forward to helping you get a free message!  Details Here

We’ve had our Spring Equinox here in North America and the days are getting longer.  Now we’re heading for the Full Moon coming up on Wednesday, March 27 at 5:27 am Eastern Time.  Are you ready to leap forward as the clocks did and the calendar invites you?  This Full Moon is during the time that the Sun is in the sign of Aries with lots of energy for cleaning house and shifting gears.  [This is also why it’s a great time to get a personal message in a Conversation with The Other Side!]  Let go of the blahs and the blocks and spring ahead on your path of Purpose!

Have a great week and may you have beautiful weather wherever you are!



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