ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: What Does Self-Love Look Like?

For each individual the specifics of Self-Love will differ, but the underlying energy is the same.

Love is a very high vibration, much higher than Romance, with which many people confuse Love.  The energy of Pure Love is the vibrational frequency of the unifying force of the Universe.  Love creates.  Love bonds.  Love attracts and holds securely.  Love frees.  Love develops and Love lets go.  Love releases bonds that no longer serve.

These statements are true for every element in the Universe, from the smallest particle of matter to the energy of a human being to the largest planets, stars, galaxies.  Love is the strongest force in the Universe.

All Love flows from Self-Love.  The Universe-before-the-Universe so loved itself that it exploded into the Universe that you are experiencing at this time in the 21st Century.  Everything that exists in this Universe was created out of energy potential of the Love that existed in that explosion of Self-Love.  Every Universe came from that same energy.

In the life of every human being, there must be enough Self-Love to explode energy – that is the creative force energy – to manifest dreams into reality.  If there is not enough Self-Love, then energy is sucked into oneself without the pure expression of Love energy in the outer world.

Those who exist with little or no Self-Love cannot manifest their high vibration dreams and desires.

All Love blossoms out of Self-Love.  If you have a high enough level of this Self-Love then you cannot help but overflow into sharing that Love as Creative Energy in the world around you.

No relationship improves by working on it without also elevating one’s level of Self-Love.  No situation – job, career, financial, legal, etc. – will improve before the person involved increases the level of Self-Love within.

What does this look like?

For one person, Self-Love might appear as eating a healthier diet.  For another, it might be taking time to meditate or journal or walk in Nature.  For someone else, Self-Love may mean severing a friendship, ending a relationship or quitting a job.

One person might need to speak their truth aloud.  Another might need to stay quiet and change their situation.

The high vibration of Self-Love eclipses lashing out to hurt another but that doesn’t mean that others might not choose to feel hurt or even to play the victim in the situation.  Self-Love leads one to stand in their own truth no matter what happens outside and around them.  There is no intention to hurt another and yet there is also no responsibility for the reception one receives when standing in Self-Love.

Self-Love is not the same as Self-Care but all Self-Care develops out of Self-Love if it is healthy care.  One does not rebel or feel guilty when Self-Care stems from Self-Love.  There is a neutral character to this Self-Care—it just IS because it is based in Self-Love.

Ask yourself if you Love yourself enough to make choices from a place of Self-Love.  Are you willing to look inside yourself and to love every part that you find there?  Are you open to loving even those parts that you are wishing to change, simply because they are YOU and they have served you in some way up to this point?

Self-Acceptance and Self-Care come from Self-Love.  As the Universe loved itself into existence, so should your Life be a reflection of great Self-Love.  If you are unhappy about some element of your Life, then focus on increasing your level of Self-Love so that your Life can change to reflect that higher level of Love vibration.

Love your Life into existence as you desire, letting it blossom forth from Self-Love.

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One Response to “ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: What Does Self-Love Look Like?”

  1. joedalio Says:

    Thanks for sharing this excellent info! I once read a book that said love yourself as God loves you. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s stuck with me for over twenty years. I have also learned that the more we can love ourselves, the more capable we are of loving others. How can we not love something God created?

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