EXPLORATION: Are You Expecting?

Are you ‘pregnant with possibilities’?

The Universe is filled with the potential of answering every dream you can dream for yourself.  But what are you expecting?

The energies of attraction are not focused like a laser when they are generated from the emotion of fear.  You can’t be worried and manifesting your dreams at the same time, for the laser that you send out like a beacon, attracting like energy into your field, is a laser tuned to that upon which you focus your worry energy, not the energy of your dream.

You do have the power to attract a nightmare but why would you?

When people start studying prosperity and the law of attraction they often do exercises to change their expectations.  Recently our daughter started expecting the Universe to give her money.  She found a dollar on a store parking lot and sat waiting for the person who had dropped it to return but no one did.  She found several dollars in the dryer when she did the laundry.  Magic?  No.  She EXPECTED the Universe to find a way to be generous with her and then she ALLOWED the Universe to choose how to do that.

I often teach that prosperity can come into your field in surprising ways when you are open to it.  One way that the Universe gives me money is to have a sale on something that I have to buy.  I was going to buy it anyway but I can save money that I would have spent.  This just happened for the Color Class that I am teaching.  We had selected the binder we wanted to give participants and had found one that came in lots of colors [this IS for a Color Class!].  We developed the prototype workbook with one binder then went back to purchase a larger quantity when we had the final numbers for the class.  The binders were on sale and they had all the colors in stock!

This doesn’t represent a lot of money saved but it was going to have to be spent anyway.  We expect the Universe to give to us in surprising ways.

What do you expect from your business?  Your boss?  Your significant other?  Your children?  Are you expecting challenges, threats, anger, disrespect?  And are you getting that?

How adaptable are you to change?  Are you willing to ‘go with the flow’?

Sometimes we get so stuck in our expectations that we forget to adapt to changing circumstances or energies.  Have you ever thought about changing your expectations?  Are you willing to change?

I knew someone who had a business and lost her business partner so was faced with only being able to pay half the rent.  It was time to renegotiate the lease and she thought she might have to move.  Instead, she focused on staying in the same space and paying half the rent.  She focused and prayed and concentrated and expected this.  She came out of the meeting with the landlord with a lease at half the rent for the next year!  It CAN happen!

Are you, at this point, telling yourself that this only happens for other people, that it doesn’t work that way for you?  As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”

Trying being ‘pregnant with possibilities.’  Think that you CAN manifest your dreams. EXPECT the Universe to support you in that manifestation.  Then go with the flow and allow the Universe to figure out the ‘how’ of making things happen.

Let this week be your ‘due date’ – expect great things!

PS: I did an interview with BlogTalkRadio program, Explore the Afterlife, the other day. You can listen to the recording here!


One Response to “EXPLORATION: Are You Expecting?”

  1. dmdobbins98 Says:

    Thanks for the reminder to expect good things, 🙂

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