Hello, Dear One!

This week’s ezine is a bit different.  We wanted to share the holiday spirit with you and send our wishes for blessings for your upcoming year.

We have had a wonderful holiday season! Our son, Andrew, said that this Christmas made it into his list of top 3 Best Christmases Ever.  Our kids came from California and North Carolina.  All 10 of us stayed in one house and shared meals and movies and games and fun.  We started the holidays with school concerts.  We saw ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Les Miserables’ – wonderful!  My sisters and their families gathered for the Robertson clan traditional Christmas Eve celebration, started when we were kids because Daddy’s birthday was Christmas Eve and we didn’t want him to get lost in the Christmas shuffle. [He would have been 104 this year!]  There was time to sample home-brewed beer, enjoy homemade meals and cookies, and just chat.  The Winter Solstice Celebration was awesome, and the Planet survi ved!  The holidays for our family were about sharing ourselves with each other.

And now it is time to celebrate each of you.  Thank you for being a part of RosemarySpace this year!  Thank you for traveling through the fabled year of 2012 and, we hope, growing in consciousness.  We hope that you have been blessed by being a part of this community as we have been blessed by being connected to you.  And we look forward to the treasures that 2013 holds for each of us.

Happy Full Moon! Today is the last Full Moon of 2012 and brings you the best opportunity to celebrate ‘out with the old, in with the new’ energy.  The Full Moon occurs at 5:21 am Eastern Standard Time [Friday, December 28, 2012].  The Moon is in Cancer, opposite to the Capricorn Sun, and invites you to do an emotional clearing as you reflect on 2012 and release that which might hold you back from expressing your excellence in 2013.  Sweep house!  Clear the cobwebs. Discard negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.  Examine your experiences in 2012 for the lessons they contained and then remove the emotional components so that you aren’t carrying any excess baggage into 2013.

At New Year’s time everyone seems to be focused on forward motion, but I recommend that you take some time for reflection at the end of the year to make sure you are complete with the lessons that 2012 has provided you for your personal growth.  Is there a relationship that needs some work?  How is your home – does it support your growth or does the energy feel stagnant?  Are you clear about your finances for the year?  Diet?  Exercise?  The reason so many people make New Year’s resolutions then fail to keep them is because they have not done the prep work to be able to sustain the desired behavior.

Give yourself the gift of YOU! Make room in your schedule for a mini-retreat, or go away for a bit to reflect.  Spend some time releasing the residue of the past year.  THEN you can develop your dreams and visions and goals for the New Year.  Choose your theme for 2013.  What would you like to manifest in the coming year?  At our Winter Solstice Celebration on December 21st, Joshie, who is 10, wrote out his intention for 2013 – “I want the homeless people to get homes.”  What is YOUR intention?  What can you do to focus your attention on manifesting that?

2013 brings amazing gifts for us when we seek the beauty of the mysteries and open ourselves to whatever the Universe holds in store for us.  Just for a moment release your preconceived notions about how 2013 must go and allow yourself to dream your ideal year.  Hold that energy for New Year’s Eve.  See the dream.  Picture yourself on New Year’s Eve anticipating 2014 as you look back on 2013 having realized your dream of an ideal year.  It is yours!

From the Bredeson family, gathered in Annapolis, Maryland this holiday, to yours, wherever you are, we send our wishes for blessings, love, peace and joy to be with you throughout the coming year.  May you have fun & adventure as you step into the unknown of 2013!

Happy New Year!!!



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