0105-4x5color.aiHow propitious that this week’s MuseLetter is being published ON the Winter Solstice of the fabled year 2012! Happy Solstice!

How are you responding to this year’s holiday season? Are you ready for the Big Shift of 2012? Can you FEEL these energies of Transformation? Are you ready to leap forward or are you wanting to hide? Our grandson, Cody, who is 14, said he’s wearing a helmet for the Solstice in case the world ends. He’s the one who wrapped himself in aluminum foil last New Year’s Eve because it was going to be 2012 at midnight. [He fell asleep at 11:30 in his foil pajamas and survived!]

This is an exciting time to be alive. I’m so grateful that I’m here and that you are sharing this tumultuous journey with me. I love the Winter Solstice when we celebrate the longest night by welcoming the returning sunlight. Here in Annapolis, Maryland we’ll be doing a ritual around a fire, complete with drums and instruments and food and song. It’s nice to do a gathering that is not about presents and ‘stuff’ so we always honor the Solstice before the other holiday parties kick into high gear. What will you do?

As 2012 winds down and we all realize we will survive to celebrate a New Year, I urge you to consider who you want to BE in 2013. Use the longest night to reach into the recesses of your being and draw out your secret desires for yourself. Plan some retreat time for yourself between now and January 1 to identify your dreams and visions for yourself and your life. Celebrate these dreams on New Year’s Eve and toast your accomplishments in personal growth! Too often we celebrate what we have done but not who we have become. Shift that for yourself this year and list your insights, your personal growth moments, the growth in consciousness that you have experienced this year. This is the best you can celebrate!

In January I’ll be doing a bunch of Scientific Hand Analysis sessions for clients who are ready to play bigger in the world. It’s such a delight to share with someone their Life School, Life Lesson, and Life Purpose. And then we map out the direction of their next steps in manifesting their gifts in the world. I’m excitied about their decision to start the New Year with the insights that can help them take their transformation to the next level! There’s still time to grab one of the remaining spots for an early 2013 Scientific Hand Analysis and learn the message in your unique handprints. Send me an email if you’re ready to start the New Year with extra guidance to support your success:

Use the energy of this Solstice to explore your plans for 2013 and anchor them in the intention to shine your Light brightly in the world. At 6:11 am Eastern Time the Sun entered Capricorn and we enjoy the Solstice. Feel the energy of the returning Light. The days are getting longer! As the Sun shines more daylight upon us, add your light to his rays. Celebrate YOU!!!

Happy Holidays to you! May this be the best holiday season yet, filled with joy and laughter and love and whatever you need to be at peace with yourself and your world. Remember that your loved ones on The Other Side haven’t gone anywhere – they are walking the rooms with you, enjoying the family or sitting quietly with you to allow you to feel their presence and their peace. Take that comfort into your holidays.

Sending you many blessings and much love, we will be celebrating Solstice, Christmas and New Year’s with our beloved family in Maryland.




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