Exploration: “You Have Been Brainwashed!”

I have a confession.  I, too, have been brainwashed, and it’s not by some evil cult leader – it’s ME!!!

Each of us repeats our thoughts over and over and we accept them as valid.  But they are based on beliefs that we have held or that someone else programs us to believe and the validity might not be proven.

In my trainings to become a Master Hypnotherapist, I learned a lot about hypnotic technique and how it can be used to help someone change their thinking to improve their life.  I found hypnosis such a powerful counseling tool that I studied and became a trainer of hypnotherapy.  I also learned that some people try to use these principles to change another person’s reality.  That’s what we call ‘brainwashing’ and there are a whole host of reasons why that is not a good thing.

Last year, Richard & I walked out of a 4-day seminar on the first day when the seminar leader explained that he was going to brainwash us but only put in good things.  Sorry, chum, but you don’t get to do that to me even if I did pay for your seminar!  I’m very careful about what goes into my brain!  At least he was being honest.  [Side note:  My angels were with me that day.  I went to sit down after a break and felt pushed out of my seat and onto the floor.  I turned around expecting that my husband had bumped me and he was not even looking my way.  A sign that I was protected!  We left at the next break.]

Now here’s the truth about hypnosis.  You can’t make someone do something they don’t, at some level, really want to do.  If I could, with all my training, don’t you think I’d be working in prisons and rehab centers hypnotizing people to get them to quit crime and drugs?  No, hypnosis can’t even get someone to put their hand into an imaginary aquarium holding an imaginary snake unless they really love reptiles!  The person on the stage who struts around like a chicken for the stage hypnotist is the same one who, at a party after a few drinks, might put the lampshade on their head and lead karaoke.  Some part of them wants to be the center of attention.

But the kind of brainwashing that’s done insidiously brings harm to those who unwittingly believe what they are told, especially when the same language is used over and over and over again so that their brain accepts the repetition as the truth.  This is the purpose of so-called ‘talking points’ – say the same words repeatedly and with conviction and the unsuspecting populace will believe it.  It bothers me that this modus operandi is being used in the world today and it’s masquerading as ‘news reporting’ and ‘politics.’

But the most insidious brainwashing is that which we are doing to ourselves.  We keep telling our story to ourselves over and over and over again as if it is the only reality.  In one situation or relationship, we focus on the negative or what’s missing or what we don’t want, and then we keep our attention focused on that by speaking about it.

‘My job sucks.’
‘He is a jerk.’
‘I can’t make any money.’
‘I can’t afford that.’
‘I don’t know how to _______.’
‘She doesn’t understand me.’
‘Nobody pays any attention to me.’

And so on.

We are actually brainwashing ourselves every time we think these thoughts.

STOP IT!!!!  Catch yourself repeating a thought and ask yourself, ‘Is this true?’

Think ahead of time what your story is and what you would like to tell yourself instead.  Picture what you DO WANT.  Then, every time you catch yourself repeating the language about what you don’t want, tell yourself to, ‘STOP IT!!!’ and replace your thought language with the language about what you do want instead.

A little practice and you’ll be de-programmed from the cult of 1!

And ask for help in this if you need it.  There’s no shame in needing de-programming after you’ve been brainwashed, even if you’re the only member of the cult.

Now you know.

PS:  Please join us today at noon Eastern time as we meditate and activate the energy through this special day and time: Wednesday, 12/12/12 at 12:00. There is no registration for this, just dial in and be there with us!

The number to call is: 1-218-862-1300, and the code to enter is: 143201


2 Responses to “Exploration: “You Have Been Brainwashed!””

  1. lphypnosis Says:

    Yes, I agree. It’s takes a little daily practice at first but absolutely worth it :)).

  2. newheavenonearth Says:

    Be transformed by the renewal of your mind!

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