The seasons are definitely changing!  The temperatures have dropped and we’ve turned the clocks back to end daylight savings time.  It’s always an adjustment when it gets dark so early again.  We’re heading towards that longest night of the year.  [I know it’s 6 weeks away but can’t you tell it’s coming?]

I hope you’ve been joining the free Wisdom of the Week [WOW] Call on Monday evenings!  The Divine Feminine have been giving us some great information and guidance every Monday evening in these brief calls.  This past week was the night before the US election and the message was about being the Light in the world, shining your own inner light outward [totally non-political].  Spend just 20-30 minutes at 8:30 Eastern Time to check in and get your guidance for the week.  When you register you’ll receive an email containing the call-in info.  It’s the same every week so you just have to register once and then join us on the Mondays when you can.  Get the number here

This week we have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Tuesday November 13th  at 5:09 pm Eastern Time.  Sunday and Monday are in what we call the ‘Old Moon’ energy so it’s best to use those days to finish up those projects you’ve been wanting to complete rather than start something new.  Save the new starts for the New Moon energy on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.  And remember that we need to clear away the leftovers of the old before we’re really ready to bring in the new so do some preparations before the New Moon arrives.

And remember that Mercury is Retrograde now [appearing to move backward in the sky when viewed from Earth] so pay attention to all communications, reread everything – contracts, emails, papers, etc.  And since folks are inward-focused, they might not be as attentive as you wish while they drive.  Drive defensively!

The next Online Conversation with The Other Side is scheduled for Friday, December 7th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.  I hope you’ll join us for a personal message from your angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over.  We had a lot of fun at the last one, with some great messages!  Here’s more info: Conversation.  There are very limited spaces available for these evenings because each attendee receives a personal message.

Give the Gift of Guidance!  If you know someone who would like to receive a Message from the Muse Session, it makes a great holiday gift. I have nice gift certificates available for you to give that special someone.  Send me an email for more info:

Have a great week.  Hope to ‘see’ you on the Wisdom of the Week [WOW] Call Monday evening!


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