What a week!!!  We started with a Full Moon during the height of the Frankenstorm Sandy with no electricity.  Last Monday night was the first WOW Call [Wisdom Of the Week], on cell phone by candlelight.  Made it through two  nights and into third day before the electricity came back on, charging cell phones in the car in rotation so someone had an active one at all times.  At least we had advance notice and were prepared!

This huge storm could have been much worse for us. Many people are still without power as I write this. Some houses were damaged when trees fell on them. Lives were lost. Livelihoods are threatened. Lower Manhattan is a dark portion of New York City waiting for the power to be restored. And New Jersey is in terrible shape.  We, here at home in Maryland, sustained no damage and really didn’t suffer much while being disconnected from our 21st Century conveniences. Papa Richard fired up the outdoor grill [we had filled up the propane tank before the storm] and heated water for tea, cooked scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes and dinners for us, sometimes out in the rain and wind! We sat around and played Scrabble and Uno with the grandkids with candles and lanterns lighting the way. Everyone wore sweaters as the temperatures dipped but, blessedly, weren’t too cold. It was okay.

So what could preparing for your life do for you?  Are you counting on everything being available to you when you want it?  Do you wait until the last minute or are you ready for anything that comes your way?  Tap into your Inner Guidance and learn what is important for you to do today!

In career, business, relationships, life, we are always facing something new.  With the clients I work with regularly, there is always new guidance or some subtle hint about what the next step is.  Do you know what YOUR next step is?

Take some time to look at your current path and ask if it is leading you in the direction you desire.  Today is All Souls Day on the Christian calendar and The Day of the Dead in Mexico, honoring those who have gone before us.  Please join us TONIGHT, Friday, November 2, 2012 for an online Conversation with The Other Side where you can get guidance for today from an angel, spirit guide or loved one who has crossed over.  We always have fun at these educational events, and this one is ONLINE so you can join us at 7:00 pm Eastern from anywhere in the world!  Get more info here!

If you’re in the Annapolis, Maryland area, please join us at the Ashana Concert, sponsored by A Community of Transformation [ACT] on November 10th.  Ashana creates magical transformation with her singing bowls and angelic voice.  More details here:

Mercury goes Retrograde on Tuesday, November 6th, at 5:57 pm Eastern Standard Time.  This means that the Planet Mercury appears to be traveling backward when viewed from Earth for the following 3 weeks.  Mercury, the planet of communications, messes things up when it’s going backward, so be very careful about contracts and conversations.  What does this mean on the US Election Day?  Well, I would vote early and read your ballot questions carefully, preferably before you go to the polls.  The last time Mercury was pulling this stunt was the 2000 Presidential Election where the Supreme Court decided the outcome of that election. [Mercury was turning direct on Election Day.]  Just be careful!

Remember the free WOW Call [Wisdom Of the Week] EVERY MONDAY evening at 8:30 pm Eastern Time!  Be sure to register so that you can get the call-in info to join us as I channel a message from The Divine Feminine about the energies of the week and guidance for each of us to hear.  These are informal, 30-minute calls just for you to check-in to the wisdom.  Hope you’re with us next Monday!  You don’t have to register each week. Register once and use the same call-in numbers every Monday that you can be with us.




PS: It’s not too late and space may still be available for tonight’s Conversation with The Other Side. Get more information here!


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