Happy October!  Can you believe that 2012 is in its last quarter?  Seems like yesterday that we were anticipating this fabled year and here it is, three quarters over.  How is your 2012 going?

If you weren’t able to join us for the live call, 2012: The Rest of the Story, the recording is available for purchase on the website.  We’ve also made available the original Tuning in to 2012 message from November 2011 so you can have the full info provided by The Divine Feminine for us for this year.  Here’s where to go to get your audios:  Click Here

To further your 2012 development join us on Wednesday, October 10th in an online webinar to learn about your 4 Bodies: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical and how to use the Spiritual Tools of 21st Century Consciousness to achieve balance and harmony for 2012 and beyond.  A Meta*Physical Checkup is just the thing to help you move through the energy shifts of this transformative time!  We’ll be live online on October 10th at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  The class will be recorded so that you can review it later but there will be live Q&A so you’ll want to get your questions answered LIVE!  Click Here for the details.

When the year starts to wind down we move toward Halloween and All Saints/Souls Days.  For your Planning Calendars:  I will be offering a Conversation with The Other Side ONLINE on Friday, November 2 at 7:00 pm  Eastern Time.  This is All Souls Day in the Christian tradition and the Day of the Dead in Mexico, a time when we honor those who have crossed over to The Other Side.  This is also the time of Samhain on the Celtic calendar, the start of the Wheel of the New Year.  The perfect time to get a message from your angels, spirit guides and/or loved ones!  Join us for this fun event on November 2nd: Click Here to reserve your space; attendance is very limited!

Astrologically, we’re entering a period where Saturn moves into Scorpio and has an effect until December 2014.  This energy can bring an instinct to suppress emotions but we need to be aware and avoid denying our feelings.  Speak your truth.  [Always good advice!]  And towards the end of the week Saturn relates to Neptune to help us manifest our dreams [hurray!].  Remember, you are always creating your life – make it the life of your dreams!!!

May your reality be dreamy this week!



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