We’re still waiting for the cool air of Autumn to greet us here in Maryland where it continues to be hot and humid. I love the change of seasons – there’s always such hope that the new season will bring about the next change, the new horizon. And Autumn, with its (usual) relief from the heat and the color-changing leaves, is one of my favorite times of year. Soon, I remind myself!

And with Autumn come some exciting new offerings!A Membership Community with monthly online gatherings for topical discussions and channeled information. New classes, offered on location and online. New coaching programs. And moreConversations with The Other Side for you to join. Stay tuned!

But just before Autumn starts here in Maryland, I’ll be doing a FREE teleclass: 2012: The Rest of the Story! In this call I’ll be channeling a message from The Divine Feminine about what we can expect as 2012 moves toward the Winter Solstice in December. There will also be a time for personal or general questions on the call. You’ll want to be on this call LIVE to ask your questions on Monday, September 17th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time / 5:00 pm Pacific Time!Click Here to Register.

And please invite your friends to join us on this FREE call!

This week is a waning Moon week, so the energy invites us to continue to let go of things, just as the Moon is growing smaller and smaller in the sky. Think of one thing everyday that you can let go of – a thought, a fear, a belief, an article of clothing, a piece of your ‘stuff.’ Allow it to flow out of your life so that you can be in the flow toward your dreams with less of a load to carry.

As always, I am here to help you along your Path! I have some slots opening up for private clients this Fall and would love to work with you as you move forward in your journey! Have you had your Scientific Hand Analysis done yet to discover your Soul Purpose? Would you like some help clearing those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your greatest success? Now is the time to reserve your slots before I announce the new programs. Apply here for yourComplimentary Discovery Session so we can discuss what your next step is! Click to Apply.

Flow through your week!


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