MUSE-INGS: It’s 2012. Do You Know Where Your Transformation Is?

Well, 2012 has certainly been an interesting year for us! And it’s only half over!

I’ve been teaching about the coming changes for 20 years as a spiritual teacher and intuitive advisor. It’s never been about hoarding food or building a concrete shelter.

Oh, I remember the days of the Cold War in the 1960s, living in Washington, DC where we had to keep a week’s supply of food and water and pillows, etc. at school in case there was a nuclear attack and we couldn’t leave the school building to get home. (Not sure now how much protection it would have been from a nuclear attack if we’d been huddled in the school cafeteria but at least the nuns would have been praying for us!) And on Saturdays at noon the air raid sirens would be tested at the local schools and all traffic would have to stop for a few minutes. Everyone walked around on pins and needles wondering if the red button would be pushed. No one knew what would happen.

Some people have approached 2012 with the same kind of caution and preparedness. Having shelters built at great cost so they could live for a week or a month or a year. Stockpiling food and water and, maybe, guns and ammunition. Others have poo-pooed the idea that 2012 would bring with it any changes at all, discounting anything the Mayans might have predicted and relegating discussions of 2012 to ‘new age mumbo-jumbo.’

2012 is here. What is your experience so far? Are you seeing anything in and around you changing?

I have been focused on helping clients to leap forward in their personal and professional growth, for, really, those are intertwined. It’s time to claim your power and live your purpose. Are you ready? Have you done the preparatory work to leap ahead?

Personal growth work doesn’t mean the kind of therapy that was popular back in the 1960s and 1970s when we were worrying about the nuclear bomb. Today it means learning to examine your life and the world around you through the lens of this question, ‘What am I to learn from this?’ Everything has meaning. Every experience that you have is a growth experience, an opportunity for learning. Everything that happens is not happening to victimize you but to provide you with this opportunity to learn something – about you, about the world, about life.

Have you done the work to educate yourself about your typical responses to change, to external events? Do you know your instinctual reactions so that you can choose consciously how you want to respond? Have you identified your Life Purpose, the reason your Soul incarnated in this lifetime, so that you can bring your life into alignment with your Purpose? Are you willing to grow? To learn? To change?

Transformation sounds great, but it requires the shedding of the old as you grow into the new you.

I was bitten by a snake recently. I am fine, but a couple of weeks after that, we saw an empty snakeskin at my sister’s home, reminding me of the shedding of the old so that the new could be formed. Shortly after that, the Waldo Canyon Wildfire engulfed our neighborhood in Colorado Springs. We had to make peace with the possibility that we would be letting go of all our belongings that were still in that house. Blessedly, the house stayed intact although 346 homes in our area were destroyed and many more were damaged. Now, we are able to help a family displaced by that fire by selling our house to them so that they can start to rebuild their lives after losing everything.

What’s happening in your 2012 world? How much transformation are you prepared for? Are you living your Life Purpose? Are you living a Conscious Life?

It’s 2012. It’s time now.

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