MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: How’s 2012 Treating You?

Dear Ones,

The energies of 2012 are speeding up and those who are Awakened Ones are feeling the energetic shifts in their personal, professional and political lives. Are you awake?

In personal lives, transformations are occurring at a rapid pace. People are dealing with changes that they had never imagined. Relationships, homes, health, finances – all areas are showing signs of restructuring. How is the energy of transformation showing up in your life today?

Professional lives are shifting in enormous ways around the globe. Businesses are being forced to reassess their mission and their relationship to employees. Employees are rethinking loyalty to a company that displays no loyalty to them. Many are shifting their energies from being employed by a big company to creating their own company and becoming entrepreneurs. Taking charge of generating one’s own income is a form of financial independence that relying on a paycheck from someone else cannot equal.

One’s political life doesn’t really mean being a member of a particular political party. Rather, it refers to one’s life as a member of the ‘body politic’ or the collection of individuals in a certain place. Are you examining your role in your community? Are you assessing your values as they relate to others around you? Are you able to make decisions considering the well-being of all rather than your own selfish desires? Are you acting in a way that creates a healthy relationship with those around you and with Mother Earth? Are you cognizant of generations to come and what your choices today mean to those future generations?

2012 has long been heralded as the year that would bring with it major changes. Many have posited what those changes would be. We would tell you that the place to look for change is within yourself and within your own sphere of life. Are you actively pursuing your personal growth? This is really your only mission for these days of 2012.

Personal growth is the path to change for your higher good. One can never stand still, no matter how hard you try or how much you resist change. The energy of transformation is around and inside of you. Your DNA has been awaiting this moment in time so that you could blossom into the New Human that the evolution of human consciousness has created. 2012 energies support your shifting from the old paradigms into the new. If you resist, you will be attempting to hold back a mighty push of evolutionary energy. Do you really want to spend yourself fighting that push?

Resisting change is really a choice to move backward. Awakened Ones are people who are willing to evolve. Knowing that change is a part of the evolutionary process allows you to ‘go with the flow,’ to move in the direction of greater consciousness, higher awareness.

Reach for this growth. Examine yourself in the light of 2012 consciousness. Your Life Purpose is waiting to be expressed as a part of helping humanity to its higher level of understanding, an expression of the Consciousness of the Universe.

Self-examination for personal growth allows whatever is happening around you in 2012 to have meaning. You are a part of the evolutionary process underway. You can choose to resist and go backward or you can choose to move forward. There is no standing still.

Which direction will you choose?

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