We’ve headed out to Colorado and should be arriving today, Monday. If you are here in Colorado Springs, we’d love to see you. We’ll be sorting, packing, arranging, selling and loading before heading out with all of our stuff to Maryland late July/early August! Come by and lend a hand if you are handy!

***Heading to Colorado for the big move!***
July 14, 2012 We are driving back to Colorado Springs to accomplish a number of things. For one, we have a solid contract to sell the house to a young family displaced by the Waldo Canyon Wildfire. We are so pleased we are in a position to do this.

Naturally they need to settle and move in as soon as possible! This means we have to move out much faster than we had anticipated. Yet again we are called to trust that “everything will work out for the best.”

We’ll have two weeks to pack and load. We are still thinking through the logistics of this complicated move. We are fortunate to have the good friends in Colorado to call on for any help they can offer. And we have good friends and family in Maryland to help on this end of the move.

We are truly blessed in so many ways. And we are ever in deep gratitude for all we receive!

Consider offering some help!

***The Daily Muse***
Every weekday morning I show up in your email queue, but only if you have subscribed! Yes, I post a daily video message of inspiration on my website. And you too can receive it by subscribing below. The messages are short, one-to-two minutes, to help jump-start your day with a smile, a new idea, creative energy to help you live more consciously. And they are FREE!

Here’s what Lisa, who is with the Army and just returning from Afghanistan, had to say about a recent message on trust:

I’m happy to be back so I can move forward with my goals with my home, physical, and spiritual. I’ve had a year to manifest everything, and it’s all falling into place.

If you are already a subscriber I’d love to hear what you are getting from these messages!

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***Waldo Canyon Fire***
Current Status: The fire is now 100% contained. And many people are facing the difficulty of picking up the pieces of their lives, completely displaced by this tragedy. We are still receiving calls from neighbors who are looking to rent our house while they rebuild.

Many need help with this move and their recovery. We too are in need of your help and support. We have established a “Fire Recovery Fund” through our Church and Spiritual Study Center. Please consider a tax deductible donation to this 501(c)(3) organization. Your generosity will support hundreds of people affected by the wildfire.

Contribute here


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