Happy News! Our house in Colorado has withstood the Waldo Canyon Fire with no apparent damage! Thank you for your support and prayers as we watched from afar during the fire.

Not all our neighbors were as fortunate although our entire block is intact with only one house losing a deck but otherwise okay. We are truly blessed. Prayers and positive energy of protection DO make a difference! And so we are able to offer our house to another family to rent while theirs is being rebuilt. We are taking it off the market to provide a home to someone in need. It is a healing time for all of us.

Our great thanks go to the firefighters who worked so valiantly to save our house and most of the others. At the Severna Park, Maryland Independence Day Parade I thanked the local firefighters riding on their trucks and got teary with my feelings of gratitude for those in Colorado who saved our house. Please thank a firefighter today for being willing to help you, even though I pray you never have to ask them to save your house from flames.

In gratitude for our good fortune, we are moving our spiritual study center activities to this DC area and to the internet. We are restarting the Spiritual Exploration Group that we had enjoyed for several years in Colorado and will be meeting in person in Annapolis and online periodically by videoconference or phone. In these meetings we have ‘Discussion, not Dogma’ and enjoy lively discussions of various topics where we are all explorers and no one tries to force another to change beliefs. These are enlightening and fun experiences! We will also be re-starting celebrations around special days on the calendar and will be offering these via videoconference as well.

To help us move these activities to their online location and to move our Church of A New Alliance operations to the east coast, we are asking for tax-deductible donations to the Church of A New Alliance. Please join us in expanding our efforts to help others in their journey to higher consciousness. We will also be donating a portion of the funds raised for the Church to help the firefighters in the Waldo Canyon Fire. We have learned that some of them do not have health insurance for themselves and their families and we wish to assist with providing care for them.

In addition, the house in Colorado Springs becomes the home for someone directly affected by the fire. We will be moving some of our personal belongings from the house but are able to offer it furnished to a family that has lost ALL of their belongings. The Universe has a plan. It is always working out.

If you haven’t read last week’s ezine and blog posts, please check them out to learn more.

May you never have a week like ours! [I haven’t even mentioned the severe thunderstorms here in the East that knocked out power for almost 4 days so we were evacuated here, too!] But whatever the trials in your life might be, may you have the ability to find a higher perspective and seek the healing vs. the cure!

In gratitude and love!


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