Our blog today is running a bit late. Rosemary and I just got back from the Severna Park, Maryland Independence Day parade. And, here I am, the guest blogger again today!

The Severna Park parade has been a family tradition for years. Before we moved to Colorado in 2000 we lived in Severna Park, our kids attended school there, and we always attended the parade, usually from Uncle John’s front yard because he lived directly on the parade route a couple of streets down from our street. We were there again this year with Rosemary’s sisters and the extended family. Things haven’t changed much in the past 20 years and neither has the parade.

This year we wanted to attend to personally thank all of the firefighters! The trucks and rescue vehicles, pumpers and hook-n-ladders are a fixture for the parade and come from all of the surrounding communities. We waved and cheered and said our heart-felt thank yous to all of them for the work that they do. It was men and women like these folks who helped save our home in Colorado Springs just over a week ago! We both felt that thrill as the trucks passed by, the firefighters waving and wishing us a happy and safe 4th; we in turn waving and blessing them in their work and saying that special extra “thanks” this year. We both got teary-eyed considering the heroic job these people do; somehow it was just so personal this year!

Our son-in-law was a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician in Colorado when they lived there in Boulder County. We know first-hand how close this group of extraordinary people is. So, we also know that thanking the firefighters of the Severna Park area is one way to thank all of the firefighters across this land. There is a unity in this profession! They are united in common cause, saving lives and property from the destructive force of fire.

And we know how close the fire came to our house and how it was fought in our back yard. Our neighbor reported that his watering hose and my hose were both used to put out a burning bed of wood chips between our houses! It doesn’t get closer and more personal than that!

For us this seems to be a very special day to celebrate our Independence. Our community is free of the tyranny of the Waldo Canyon Wildfire. Yes, there was substantial damage. It will be years before the area fully recovers. Already our neighbors who have lost everything are asking if our house might be available for rent while they rebuild.  We are looking at all of the ways we can help, even while we are still under a mandatory evacuation that may be in place for weeks to come. So, while we celebrate our independence we are also feeling an extraordinary unity; a unity not unlike that bond among firefighters and other first responders. Our community is uniting like never before in the common cause of recovery, reconstruction and renewal!

It is in this sense of community, of unity, that Rosemary and I are establishing a fire recovery fund through our church organization in Colorado, the Church of A New Alliance. We will be launching a site soon for anyone interested in helping out in the recovery process, of joining in unity with firefighters and a community forever affected by this fire.

Please stay tuned to this blog and all of the other means through which Rosemary, The Scientific Mystic, touches you. We would love for you to join us, in unity!

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