MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: What are you transmitting?

Dear Ones,

From the perspective of Space, beyond the Solar System, there is an energy being emitted by the Planet Earth that is created by the human beings on her surface. Every thought, every spoken word, every broadcast, every emotion, creates a pattern in the energy signature of Planet Earth in the Cosmos.

What is your contribution to the energy signature?

When scientists have attempted to create a signal in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence they have chosen very deliberate signals to send out into Space. They know that the energy of those signals will transmit for great distances with no understanding of exactly who or what will receive them. Nor is there any idea of how these signals might be interpreted.

You, too, are a transmitter of energy into the Cosmos. Your thoughts are energy moving out of you and into Space. Your emotions create energy waves that also pulse outward from your personal energetic field. What you speak cannot be taken back because it rides out of you on sound waves that continue beyond you into Space.

What is your contribution to the energy signature of Planet Earth?

In the 21st Century it is time for individuals to take responsibility for the energy that is transmitting off the Planet. What is being broadcast into the airwaves from your TV and Radio transmitters? Are you comfortable with that energy being the signature by which your Planet is identified?

Think about the importance of little things like the TV shows that you watch. If this is what you wish your human society to be judged by, then choose your viewing time wisely. Whether you wish it to be true or not, you are identifying yourself with all that is being transmitted from Earth.

In this time in history, there is more hatred and vitriol being transmitted than ever before. The frequencies that are associated with this energy are of low vibration and do not represent a highly-evolved society. Is this what you want to be the signature of your Planet Earth?

You cannot merely ignore what is happening around you. Many people are choosing to feed the hatred and to increase its power to transmit. Anger and fear also feed this low vibration energy and increase the power of the transmission. Are you contributing to this?

The strongest power in the Universe is the power of Love. Can you project this outwardly so that the hatred, anger and vitriol are counteracted in the energy signature of Earth?

Increase the energy of Love in your heart. Ramp up the power of Love and send it outward. Transmit Love for others, for the Planet, for the history and future of the peoples of Earth.

Make your contribution to the energy signature be a counteracting frequency that cancels out the waves of low vibration energy. Visualize the Light of Love and imagine that it is radiating off the Planet and out into the Cosmos. Feel Love in your heart and think thoughts of Love. Live your Conscious Life filling your own energy space with Love by consciously choosing this vibration.

You have a lot of anger and hatred to counteract. But you can increase the Love and make the Planet Earth glow with the Light of Love so that anyone looking at her from Outer Space will know that the heart of humanity is one filled with Love.

Make it so.

And so it is.

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