It’s May [almost]! That lovely time when we put out May baskets of flowers in Annapolis and enjoy the longer days and warmer temperatures, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere. I always feel as if I’ve emerged from the cave when the flowers bloom and skies are sunny. It’s as if depression is harder to do when the sun is out.

Does the weather affect you, too? In astrology, we talk about the ‘weather’ as defined by the positions of the planets. This week we’re still in the energy of the waxing [growing] Moon so you can use that energy to encourage growth in your life, business, relationships. Are you working on some new projects? Plant the seeds and build the energy this week.

Are you ready to discover what’s next for you? Lately my clients have been moving through the ‘letting go’ stage and moving into some amazing new adventures. We’re doing that here, too. Our 13-year-old grandson, Cody, has been going through boxes of old stuff and letting it go [so proud of him!]. We’re getting ready to go back to Colorado to continue to purge things that we won’t be moving to Maryland [anyone want to buy a beautiful white baby grand piano?].

When you’re ready to purge and let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you we can start with a complimentary Discovery Session to explore how you can get started on that journey. Here’s how to get that process going: Click Here.

And the latest news: I’m heading to Portland, Oregon for a quick weekend trip to do a Conversation with The Other Side on Saturday, April 28th! If you’re in that area it would be fun to have you join us in person! The next ONLINE Conversation is scheduled for Friday, May 4th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time so you can join us from wherever you are. Remember that these are very limited in size because every attendee receives a personal message from their angel, spirit guide or loved ones who have crossed over. And if you’d like to HOST your own Conversation, online or in person, you can attend for FREE! Here’s where the information is: Click Here.

Off to Portland! Maybe your city will be next! Have a wonderful week!

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