It’s Springtime in Maryland which means flowers, pollen, baseball [did you see the picture I posted on facebook of Joshie playing his first game as catcher?] and Spring Cleaning. What are you clearing out of your closets and your life to make way for all the new energies entering in? [Or are you doing Fall Cleaning getting ready to enter the cave for the Winter?]

On Saturday, April 21st we have a New Moon, a time when the Sun and Moon are both in Taurus, loving beauty and order and ready to support you in sowing the seeds of your new projects. Watch them flower! The astrological energies will be helping you to be productive and successful.

As many of you know, I worked on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope for a long time [in a former technical life!] and there are some amazing images still being delivered by this phenomenal mission. Here’s one from an active star-forming region in 30 Doradus within the Large Magellanic Cloud 170,000 light-years away from us. Isn’t it magnificent? This is called a ‘Turbulent Star-making Region’ and when I read those words I thought about how relevant they are to the work that I do now with clients. Often people come to me when there is some turbulence in their life and we work together to make them a Star on the stage of their life on Earth. My career change may have taken me beyond the technical field but I am still working as the Hubble reaching beyond what’s obviously visible to the naked eye to seek possibilities from beyond the local distortions. How is your atmosphere distorting your vision? Would you like some help piercing that veil to reach the possibilities?

There is still time to receive your Spring Cleaning discount on several offerings to help you clear out those distortions and move toward the possibilities. Here’s where to get started: Click to Begin.

I’m happy that you are in RosemarySpace with me! Look for some changes and some new offerings to members of this community. You are very special to me!

Sending Many Blessings and Much Love to each of you!

P.S. We had a great Conversation with The Other Side last week and are doing another one online, Friday evening, May 4, 2012 at 7:00 pm Eastern. Please join us! Click here for Information.

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