What’s your theme? Are you choosing a theme for your life, your work, your family, for a period of time? I’ve been asking clients to choose a theme for the year 2012 and then again for each month and I invite you to do the same. My theme for 2012: Reach Out to More People. And for April: Decide. I am in the process of making decisions about new programs to offer, workshops to develop, how I can help people in different ways, and methods for accomplishing the year’s theme to reach out.

One of the best things you can do is to declare your theme publicly so that others can hold you in supportive energy while you do your work. I invite you to post your theme here on my blog  and let’s agree as a community in RosemarySpace that we will support each other in working with that theme. Feel free to post your theme for 2012 and/or a particular theme for this month. No judgments, just something to help you focus your energies in a forward direction. Post your theme as a comment to this post below.

I’ve decided (get my theme here?) to offer more Conversations with The Other Side online to reach out to more people so on this Sunday, April 15th, we’re hosting one online that still has some spaces available. Remember that these opportunities are very limited so that each attendee can receive a personal message from an angel, spirit guide or loved one on The Other Side. There’s a lot of information, including how to attend for free, here on my website.

The Spring Special offers for private readings and finding your Purpose hand analysis sessions last only until a couple of weeks longer so be sure to take advantage of the special pricing and schedule your sessions now. Start Here for a free Discovery Session.

Hope you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful Full Moon over the past weekend. It was gorgeous here in Maryland, reflected off the Severn River at the Chesapeake Bay! We’re still in that Full Moon energy of letting go. What are you letting go of? [I’ve let go of ‘indecision’!]

Have a wonderful week being Your Unique You!!!

PS: Check out a representation of the Earth Energy Grid in the picture above; it’s two images of the “flower of life,” one from an Egyptian temple and one from a crop circle. And you’re one of the nodes! Be sure to read the Mystic Message next Tuesday, then look back at this picture.


3 Responses to “NEWS FROM ROSEMARY”

  1. pamelapotter Says:

    My theme for 2012 is to be ‘a leaf on the wind’. I hold things too tight and I worry too much so my goal is to stop doing those things and just be! An interesting and provoking letter Rosemary, thanks for sharing.

  2. pamelapotter Says:

    My theme for 2012 is to be “a leaf on the wind”. I hold too tight and worry to much so my focus is to stop that! My theme for the spring is to finish my ‘nesting’ in my new home and prepare for whatever new adventure is coming.
    Great concept Rosemary. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Richard Says:

    My theme for the early part of the year is “travel” (which I interpret as the whole process of moving east; this then shifts to “brightness” which signifiies the end of the present journey and moving into a brilliant second half of the year!

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