Do you find it hard to believe that the year is ¼ over already? Time is really flying by in 2012. I hope you are making the most of each of these fleeting days!

Here in Maryland we are enjoying Springtime and the fun of the outdoors. Baseball [Joshie is finally getting to use the catchers outfit that Mimi & Papa gave him for Christmas], walks in Nature to listen to the returning birds and see the awakening flowers, the changing of the clocks that lets us enjoy more sunlight in the evenings. It’s a great time for New Beginnings and New Projects.

And for our friends who are ending their summer in the Southern Hemisphere and getting ready for the turning of the temperatures in the other direction, how are you preparing for a new season to be upon you?

It’s all about creating our own visions, our own dreams and then making them happen. Mercury goes Direct on Wednesday morning, April 4th at 6:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time. This means we’ll be out of the cloud of confused communications when the planet Mercury once again travels on a path that looks from Earth as moving forward – whew! Weathered another Mercury Retrograde! And have you noticed how common it is to hear mainstream folks, who know nothing about astrology, recognize that something must be going on because of Mercury Retrograde? Do you have any horror stories?

See how the language we use, like associating ‘horror stories’ with Mercury Retrograde periods, can set us up for what we don’t want? For some people, these periods are amazing experiences of heightened creativity. What if that were our expectation?

I’m seeing with my clients recently that there is an awakening happening when they work with their Life Purpose and bring everything into alignment with that. The vision for your Life can be enhanced when you know that you are living your Purpose. If you haven’t had your Scientific Hand Analysis done yet, why not give yourself that gift while we’re offering the Spring Special? I really want your vision for your Life to include living the purpose that your Soul brought you to Earth to live, so I’m making a special offer [$100 coupon] to ezine readers to learn your Life Purpose, Life School and Life Lessons from the gift of the information in your handprints. For the details Click Here. [The coupon code for the shopping cart is SPRING2012] Let’s get that appointment scheduled for you soon! Bonus: be one of the first 10 to schedule your appointment before April 30 [we can hold the actual session after that but you must get registered before then] and I will send you a FREE signed copy of my book, Get Your Woman On! Embracing Grace, Beauty and the Power of Women.

Learn Your Purpose and Live Your Vision!


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