Spring is officially here – hallelujah! I LOVE the Spring with it’s flowers and birds and new growth everywhere. It just feels good, doesn’t it? Here’s my whimsical picture peeking around the corner just as all the new life is peeking out in Springtime.

There is a true awakening energy in the Spring that I hope is moving within you as well. This is a great time to start new projects and to do some Spring cleaning, especially in your mind. What old ideas that are (or should be) gathering dust in there can you let go of now?

We’re still in the New Moon energy from the 22nd so use that energy to ride into some newness in your life. But remember that clearing limiting beliefs and negative thoughts really does come first.

Let your inner light shine with the return of the sunlight as the days grow longer. Are you ready to move out into the world in a bigger way? Are you claiming your Life Purpose? Are you moving forward in your consciousness? Are you doing the work for personal growth?

After the winter in our caves, it’s time to clear the cobwebs and emerge into the Light. If you think you are ready to do some of that ‘Spring Clearing’ then let’s talk about it! I’d love to connect in a Complimentary Discovery Session to check in and help you to create a roadmap forward in clearing those blocks that are holding you back from your own greatness. It’s time to LEAP FORWARD just as the clocks did! Here’s the form to fill in so we can have a phone chat that gets you pointed in the direction of the Leap: Click to begin!

Next weekend I’ll be at the Get Radical Conference in DC. Hope to see many of you there!

Happy first full week of Spring!


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