Can you believe that it is March already, and in the year 2012? The time is flying by and Spring is trying to arrive. Daffodils are in bloom here in Maryland where we’re still waiting for Winter to arrive. This is different.

I see Springtime as a joyous time of rebirth and renewal – and there are still 3 more weeks until the official start! So let’s get ready for new things and new activities. Around the time of the Spring Equinox I’ll be announcing some new programs so stay tuned to join us in that wonderful energy of renewal.

We attended Fabienne Frederickson’s Get More Clients Tour event in Baltimore this past week. Fabulous Fabienne was radiant as usual as she ‘shared her brownies’ with us! I am looking for ways to Reach More People this year, the theme I have chosen personally so that I can share my gifts and help more people realize the life of their dreams by manifesting their Inner Splendor. If you know of a group or organization that is looking for a speaker to talk about Trusting Intuition then please contact me. We all need to be sharing our gifts with great numbers of people!

As we approach the Full Moon that happens on Thursday, March 8th at 4:39 am Eastern Standard Time we still have the waxing Moon energy to support us in starting something new. What are you doing to bring something new into your life? And what will you be letting go of at this Full Moon? March 8th is also International Women’s Day – why not do something with your friends to celebrate and send some Light and Love to the women of the world who suffer oppression every day? Not all women have the voice that those of us who live in free countries enjoy. And make sure that your voice is heard supporting those who are different.

Schedule a complimentary Strategy Session to get ready for Spring – we’ll talk about where you are and where you’re headed and map out a strategy for you to get the support you need to get there. Still no-cost! Click Here to apply.

If you’re heading to Atlantic City for the eWomenNetwork event March 6 -7 be sure to stop at my display table. I’m offering a free brief message for those who sign up while I’m there! Hope to see you!

Have a wonder-full week!


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