MUSE-INGS: Bless the Idiots – They’re Your Teachers!

Every time I encounter the concept of the 3 levels of a human being I am struck by the thought that it all makes so much sense! And if people just understood this concept we could go about our business learning our lessons without causing so much distress to those around us and to Mother Earth herself.

And what about your Soul Group? What if you started looking at the people in your life as those who agreed to help you learn your lessons? Might you treat them differently?

I remember hearing a sermon several years ago by Rev. Jack Groverland at Unity of Boulder, the title of which was, ‘God Bless the Idiots in Your Life.’ Jack talked about how essential to our journey the people we call the ‘idiots’ are when we perceive their role in helping us to learn something about ourselves, our journey or about how the Universe works. Try adopting this attitude and see what happens to your blood pressure. I guarantee it will go down instead of up if you chuckle at the next person who could earn the title ‘today’s idiot’ in your life. Bless them for bringing a lesson into clear focus for you. Then be sure to learn something about yourself.

Knowing about the roles of the ‘spirit’ and Soul in your life can help you to put your own Ego into perspective, too. You have something to learn, in every moment, in every situation, in every relationship. That moment, situation, relationship exists just to help you learn a lesson. Your Soul presented that lesson to your Ego who engineered it so you can benefit. Are you willing to explore what the lesson is and to gather the learning available? That is what Life is – one learning experience after another.

Every situation is presented to you to help you along your educational journey. Have you ever cursed something that happened, like when the chair jumped out and tripped you, or the dog didn’t make it outside in time, or the store ran out of what you came to buy? Or how about the traffic that has slowed you down or the ‘idiot’ who just pulled in front of you and cut you off? Can you feel the energy you generate when you get angry at these things?

Now, what if you were able to, instead of cursing, realize that this latest experience is another opportunity for you to learn something? Your only responsibility is to figure out what it is that you are to learn.

These lessons might not be grandiose or give you the key to the mysteries of the Universe, but they can be profound in the effect that they have on your blossoming into full understanding of yourself as your progress on your life’s journey.

Life and Death. Studying in your Life School to develop consciousness and then graduation so that you can move on. It’s a pretty simple formula that we replicate in our education systems in society. And some of the best teachers we have in this Life institution are the ones we call the ‘idiots.’

Bless them.

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