It’s already the last week in January and 2012 seems to be barreling along at warp speed! How are your plans for the year coming along? In working with my coaching clients I’ve asked them to choose a theme for the year, a word or phrase that creates a focus for 2012. What’s your theme?

In the US, we have the culmination of football season coming soon, the Super Bowl, where the top 2 teams play each other for the trophy. It’s also award season in the entertainment industry, with Grammy, Academy, Golden Globe Awards making the news. We seem to be a society that loves to compete for top honors but that also means that someone has to be the loser. Are you seeking a prize but feeling like a loser? Stop! Bring your dreams into this present moment and experience the wonderful feeling of realizing your own private dreams as reality. Let this be the theme for your week. I am awarding you the trophy for being the best at creating the dreams for your Conscious Life!!! Congratulations!

If you’d like a little guidance to help you find some answers for your life, then join us on Sunday, January 29th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time/4:00 pm Pacific Time for the Online Conversation with The Other Side where I’ll be sharing a message from other dimensions and answering individual questions about what’s happening in 2012 and also personal situations. This is always fun and on Sunday this event will be offered via video conference [or telephone if you prefer] so that you can join us from the comfort of your home. For the details Click Here.

And if you like the messages from The Divine Feminine that this weekly ezine contains, please tell your friends about it. I’m starting a new FREE email message-for-the-day on Monday, January 30th, where every weekday you will receive a brief [1-3 minute] video message with guidance for the day. This is in addition to the free weekly ezine. My guides want to talk to you more often to help you along the path of Conscious Living so I’ve been led to offer this additional free service. To receive these emails Sign-Up-Here.

So as we continue in the energy of a waxing [growing] Moon after the Chinese New Year at this past week’s New Moon, focus on your growing awareness and the newness of every moment of NOW in your life.

Have a week filled with Dreams Fulfilled!


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