We’re into 2012 and there’s an excitement in the air around all that that means. Can you feel it? I’m seeing it with my clients, an expectation of great things to come. Big changes. People moving to other parts of the country or other countries. Businesses shifting gears and growing. Relationships redefining themselves. It’s the energy of growth. Consciousness is expanding and people are no longer willing to live in ignorance. The Light is being shone into dark corners. I’m excited!

How is this playing out in your life? What changes are you anticipating in the coming days? We’re enjoying our shift from the Colorado mountains to the beautiful waters of Maryland. Magenta sunsets over the Severn River. Catching up with old friends. Meeting new friends. Networking. Sharing. Exploring ideas. It’s all good.

I’m thrilled with the reception that the Conscious Dreaming class is getting! People are noticing that they are having vivid dreams around this current Full Moon in Cancer [are you?] and they are eager to learn about working with dreams. This is not just about interpreting dreams but in learning to remember your dreams, to interact with your dreams and to incubate your dreams [ask for answers]. The class starts on January 17th and goes for 4 weeks and you don’t have to worry about going out in the weather because the video conference will come to you on your computer. Click here for the details. I hope you’ll join us!

Are you looking for some support as you face the changes that this New Year is bringing to you? I work with many clients on an ongoing basis and would love to support you, meeting once or twice a month to tune in to your guidance for the month and to help you get clarity and answers about decisions you face. If you’d like to explore coaching with me let’s set up a complimentary strategy session. Click here to apply.

We’re in the time of the waning [reducing] Moon now and so it’s still time for letting go. Try creating a little ritual where you move things around in your house, or give something away, or throw something away to signal your unconsciousness mind that you are ready for change. We’re approaching the Chinese New Year so let’s continue the out with the old movement by releasing what doesn’t serve our growth in consciousness as we expand into 2012. Get ready for next week’s New Moon!

Have you picked a theme for 2012 yet? I’m inviting my clients to choose an overarching theme for the year that will help them to focus on the direction they want to follow this year. How do you want to title this chapter in the biography of your life that you will write someday? My theme for 2012 is Help More People. What’s your theme?


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