Happy Holidays! We’re in the amazing time of year where we immerse ourselves in holiday festivities and playtime. The days are continuing to get shorter as we approach the Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere. Wednesday, December 21st is the shortest day of the year for us. We celebrate Yule to remember that the Light is returning, that is, the days will start to get longer and we’ll be enjoying more daylight. To our friends Down Under, you will be experiencing the opposite, the return of the darkness as your days begin to shorten [and get cooler!].

Winter is the time to go inside, to ponder, to reflect, to review. This is a good week to review 2011, not to be judgmental or to criticize yourself for what you didn’t do or could have done better, but to notice what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, what you have allowed to pass out of your life and what you have invited into it. Too often we get caught up in the planning of the New Year and forget to mine the treasures of the passing year so that we can gain the greatest value of our experiences. Catch yourself when you look ahead without appreciating what you have grown through. 2011 has been a gift, no matter what it brought to you.

And I have deemed 2012 The Year of Possibilities
. At this moment 2012 holds amazing potential for each of us. Enjoy that uncertainty about what gifts will come in this new year. The field of all possibilities lies in front of us as we look forward to the coming year so stay open. Plan to receive the guidance available next year. For my VIP clients who work with me throughout 12 months I am excited about the messages and guidance that we discuss when we connect. It’s thrilling to see them claiming their own power and leaping forward. There is still some room in my schedule for a few more VIP clients to work with me for the whole 12 months of 2012 so send me a message to explore this.

There are some gift certificates still left for you to give a gift of purpose and guidance to a loved one [including yourself!] for the holidays, so consider helping someone find their compass for the coming times. The Check in with Your Muse gift certificate is for a 20-minute session where the recipient will receive a message from their angels and guides about what they can expect and how to deal with the incoming energies. The Scientific Hand Analysis session gift certificate offers Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School information for the person who really wants to get 2012 on track [and I’m offering $200 off so you might want to snatch up a gift certificate for yourself at this rate!]. Here’s where to learn more about both of these gifts. GIFTS. And use coupon code XMAS2011 to save big!

Of course, I hope you will consider putting me on your staff for the new year. Why not have a Muse that you can tap into every month for help in making decisions, finding the right path, choosing the new directions. Here’s the link to apply for a FREE Strategy Session to explore your next step: Click Here.

I’ll be taking some time to PLAY over the holidays with family and especially the grandkids, but the ezine will continue to come out every Friday. We’re closing in on the end of our third year without missing a week! I’m pleased with that accomplishment in 2011! Decide something that you’re proud of accomplishing in 2011 and please post it on my Facebook Fan Page: and while you’re there please like the page. I post inspirational messages there frequently for you and would love to see your comments plus I promise to personally read everybody’s proud accomplishments!

Have a Peace-full week! Happy Hannukah! Happy Yule! Happy Winter Solstice! Happy Summer Solstice! Happy whatever-you-want-to-celebrate this week!


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