In the home stretch on the West Coast Tour 2011! Richard and I are reunited and enjoying our time in Sacramento at Katrina Sawa’s Jump Start Your Businessin a Weekend Event. Wine tour on Sunday and a Conversation with The Other Side in Orangevale, CA on Monday. We’ll be back home in Colorado Springs on Wednesday. It’s been quite an odyssey to be touring away from home for 2 ½ months!

It’s been interesting to see that people really seem to want to know their Life School, Life Lesson and Life Purpose, all discernible from Scientific Hand Analysis. I’ve been offering this in 2011 and my clients are loving the information that helps them to make decisions and to move forward in their life. Of course, I continue to add whatever information comes intuitively to help them! If you’d like to learn more about yourself from the information in your handprints, check out the information at

We’re in the time of the waning moon so keep releasing what no longer serves your highest good. Many of us are purging our basements, garages, closets so that we’re not burdened with ‘stuff’ that we don’t love. What can you let go of this week? Enjoy the freedom when you simplify!

Enjoy Autumn or Spring, depending on your hemisphere, as we move rapidly toward the holiday part of the year. And live your Life Purpose now!


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