MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Learn to Discern and Choose!

Dear Ones,

There are people around you who are misleading you about the way that the Universe operates and they are doing this in subtle ways that may not be easily discernible by you.  We wish to educate you with this message.

When you are told that you can’t have something, you are really being told ‘We (whoever that is) don’t want you to have this.’  This is not about politics or governments, but about people who believe they have the right to control another person’s life and decisions.

You are a Child of the Universe and, as such, your only contract is with the Universe, or Source, or God/Goddess.  Other people cannot deny you that which you desire because they are not the ones with whom you have an agreement about your life.  You are the one who makes the choices about how you will live your life.  You are, in every moment, able to make choices.

We know that there are many of you encountering these words who are already thinking about those situations in which you feel you have no control, but we would tell you to look for the aspects of those situations where you have the ability to make decisions.  Understand that you have made decisions in the past that have led up to this present situation.  This is not a criticism or a judgment.  It is a statement of fact.

If you don’t like your job, then remember that you agreed to take that position.  Even if you feel that you had no choice because it was the only opportunity at that time, you still had the option of taking no job, although that option might have brought with it some unpleasant consequences.  You will never feel empowered in your life until you see that you always have the power to make a choice.

When others try to control you by keeping you fearful of something, whether real or imagined or described as dangerous when it is not, then they are trying to steal your power of choice away from you.  When someone tells you that you can’t get a job making over $100,000 per year or that you can’t drive a luxury car or you can’t meet a partner who is wonderful or you can’t sell your house or retire or travel, then you must understand that they are merely demonstrating their own limiting beliefs.  You do not need to agree with them.

On one day, the economic news is disheartening, on the next it is encouraging.  The statistics about something are disturbing one day, hopeful the next.  There is nothing being told to the population that has all the truth within it.  Every report is slanted, sometimes by the omission of other information that is available, and sometimes on the ignorance or lack of understanding of the reporter.  Sometimes the report has been deliberately manipulated.

None of this matters, though, because you are responsible for making the choices in your life.  You must sort through information to decide what resonates with you.  The tool that helps you to do this is to learn to connect with your Inner Guidance to discover what is accurate in your world in this moment for you,

Go within, for the answers to your question reside there.  Make your choices after you have consulted your Inner Guidance.  Explore ideas within yourself, or with a guide who can help you determine what you feel, believe and need.

Run away from those who would try to force their will on you, or who purport to have all the answers for you so that you don’t have to think for yourself.  You are always at choice in your life. Sometimes it is best for you to ignore what you are being told from the outside and listen to the voice on the inside.  And if the inner voice seems to be judging or criticizing or demeaning, then get some help in clearing that voice so that you can connect with your true inner wisdom.

You’ll feel much more empowered when you are living your life from this place of connection!

And so it is.


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