Back in Santa Ana and excited about moving forward with the West Coast Tour 2011!  Had a fabulous 11 days in Arizona – even extended by a day because we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the resort after the Baeth Davis ‘Gifted’ Event!  It was great to visit with all our friends from North America, UK, Australia. There is nothing like attending a multi-day event where you get to spend quality time with friends so you can deepen the heart relationships you have built.  Doesn’t it feel sometimes as if your friendships are being experienced in quick little bites, short phone calls,  and maybe an evening out occasionally?  It was wonderful to get into deep conversations and really explore with each other.  And I, of course, enjoyed being with my hubby for a week!

We celebrated our son’s 35th birthday with him and it was a treat to just hang out and chat.  Our children have grown into such interesting adults that I would want to be friends with them even if they weren’t related to me.  If your kids are still young, this is what you have to look forward to.  Oh, and then there are the grandchildren…

The theme this week is around heart-centered living.  Focus on your heart all week and see if some things in your life shift a bit.  Do the exercise in the Mystic Message each day and see if your day takes on a different light.  And remember that a smile is a gift from your inner spirit to another’s.

I’m heading back to Arizona on Wednesday, September 21st, for the Ali Brown MPC Platinum Retreat at the Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale.  If you are in that area, please connect!  I’m on a panel for the eWomenNetwork chapters Friday, September 23rd and am doing a Conversation with The Other Side on the 24th.  Plus I’ll be available for private sessions while I am in Scottsdale.  I would love to see you there!  After Arizona it’s up the West Coast!  Hope to connect with all my West Coast friends during the coming weeks.

We’re still in the waning energy of September 12th’s Full Moon so keep releasing what doesn’t serve you in your life.  What baggage are you carrying that is weighing you down?  Let it go!

Have a week filled with special September moments!


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