Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona this week! We are here to attend Baeth Davis’ ‘Gifted’ Event and are enjoying being with so many friends while we learn more about scientific hand analysis and how to take our gifts out into the world. Although I am happy to be with friends, I must admit that I am not thrilled about being in 100+ degree weather every day! I’m not a happy camper in the heat.

What causes you to be ‘not a happy camper’ and what do you do about it? This week’s challenge is to ponder new thoughts. I am grateful that some inventor somewhere along the way was able to come up with the idea of air conditioning! [Maybe he/she lived in Phoenix!] Sometimes we approach new ideas with trepidation or fear but I think it’s important to be explorers.

And so I am offering Conversation with The Other Side in several cities on the West Coast to share with attendees ideas/messages from angels, guides, loved ones – new thoughts to ponder that can help you live a more confident, more fulfilling life. I did a Conversation in Phoenix this week and received some amazing messages. There will be another one coming up in Santa Ana and then one back in Arizona [Scottsdale next time] on September 24th. If you’d like to get a new perspective on a question/problem/decision that you face, then attend one of these fun and educational events. And if you’re not located in one of these places, then consider hosting your own virtual event as a video conference and invite up to 11 of your friends [you attend free!]. Check the calendar on the website for an event near you at or send me an email at

There’s a Full Moon on Monday, September 12th so get ready to release your old ideas to make room for the new ones to come in. This is a good time to schedule your no-cost strategy session with me so that we can explore your challenges and what new perspectives you can gain/what opportunities you have to explore. Send an email to me at and I’ll send you the application for the strategy session.

Have a magnificent week exploring all the new ideas around you!


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