Mercury goes Direct today – hallelujah! Have you noticed that this Mercury Retrograde has been a difficult one? There certainly seems to have been a lot of chatter on Facebook about it! But with Mercury heading back to normal maybe our communications can get unfarbled and clearer than they have been. I certainly hope so!

We also have a New Moon happening on August 28th so we can march forward with our plans and start new things. What are you looking for in your Life that is new? This is the time to invite it in. Create some new affirmations for your desires and welcome in those energies.

I’ve been thinking about the DC earthquake as I sit safely in California while my family in Maryland recovers and then prepares for a possible hurricane. Mother Earth’s furies can take violent turns but we must wonder if she is trying to ‘shake us up’ so we can get out of our lethargy and into the action of becoming who we are meant to be. These are pretty dramatic signs that something needs to be shifted around!

If you’re looking at shifting energies and thinking about your personal path of growth, then this is a good time to schedule your complimentary Strategy Session so we can identify your challenges and obstacles and help to get a path ahead charted for you. Send me an email and we can get your free 15-minute call on the calendar!

Next week I’ll be writing to you from beautiful Sedona, Arizona! If you’re in that area [or Phoenix] please connect with me!

Have a great week and see if you can tell that Mercury Retrograde is over! I’m hoping my phones [two cell phones, different carriers] will stop dropping calls!


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