Hello from Sunny Southern California! I am thoroughly enjoying my time in this beautiful state, although the trip has had some excitement so far. My wonderful husband, Richard, left to head back to our home in Colorado and accidentally took my cell phone charger with him. One of the dangers of having identical phones! So the Mercury retrograde has certainly had an impact on communications for me! This retrograde is only until August 26th, though, so we’re most of the way through. Still, be careful on the roads as drivers can be distracted and communications can be interrupted.

As I’m getting settled in to my sojourn in California, I am scheduling events up and down the West Coast for my Tour. If you know of a place that I should hook up with, please send me an email to And if you’d like to attend one of my talks, let me know and I’ll register you for the place closest to you. If you’re not on the West Coast, I might be coming to your area soon, and I will also be offering these talks via video conference so stay tuned for the late Fall schedule.

The Sun is getting ready to leave my birth sign, Leo, and move into Virgo. Take advantage of these next few days to use the fiery, positive energy of Leo to help you move into action on what you’ve been keeping in reserve. The key words for Leo are: I Will. Get out there! Lovely, detail-oriented Virgo energy comes in on August 23rd and will help you to flesh out the programs you start in Leo. Virgo’s key words are: I Analyze.

It’s time. Just as I am stepping into touring on the West Coast this year, ask yourself how you can step out in a bigger way to accomplish your mission on Earth. What do you need to clear away? How do you need to adjust the lens through which you see the world? Let your Fall Cleaning include some inner work to clear out that inner clutter. Would you like to schedule a no-cost Strategy Session with me? These 15-minute calls can be enlightening as we discuss your challenges and opportunities for moving forward. Send an email to to get your Strategy Session on the schedule.

Sending lots of Leo love out to you this week!


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