MUSE-INGS: The Magnet is the Picture You Think

This message is certainly timely for me! So many times I find myself spiraling down into thoughts and worries and then pulling myself back up using tools for Conscious Living. Yes, even those of us who teach this must constantly remind ourselves to use the tools we teach!

It does become easier with practice and we catch ourselves much earlier than we used to, but it still is a knee-jerk, human reaction to start thinking about what could be wrong or what needs to be fixed or what is not going the way we want it to go. The most important tool to use is Awareness.

How aware are you of the thoughts that you have? You can think or speak or tell your story without being aware of the energy of your thoughts. You’re just sharing the story, right? You’re just reporting the facts, right? You’re just trying to figure out the solutions, right?

Well, maybe you need to adjust your thinking about all that. Every time you tell a story of your woes you are traveling back into the thoughts that attracted that woe into your life. This is not to blame you for something or to say you are wrong but to show you how focusing on the story of the problem energizes keeping that problem in your life.

But what if you were to talk about possible solutions instead? If you feel the need to discuss a situation with someone, talk from the energy of seeking solutions, not of getting commiseration about ‘poor you.’ Train yourself to notice when you are thinking about a problem and spiraling downward into the depths of that problem instead of pulling yourself up above the problem to seek a solution. Follow the thought into the set of possible solutions rather than into the depths of the problem, for the light is shining in the solutions not the problems.

When you share something with others, be open to their helping you to see possibilities rather than woes. Allow the energy of the sharing to lift your own energy into problem-solving rather than sympathy seeking.

This is how you shift your own energetic electromagnet so that your beacon into the Universe can attract what you want instead of energizing what you don’t want.

Awareness is key. What are my thoughts sending out? Picture your mind creating a picture of something with every thought. Neuo-Linguistic Programming [NLP] is one of the techniques that I use when working with clients and NLP teaches that, in order to make sense of a thought or statement your mind must first make a picture of that statement. So ‘I don’t want to be sad’ creates a picture of you in a sad state. That picture in your mind sends out the energy of sadness. And in creating this picture your unconscious mind has to ignore the ‘don’t want’ part of the statement. The picture becomes the energy which becomes the magnet.

Be aware of your magnetic beacon. This beacon is at work at all times. Create the pictures that you WANT to have beamed out into the Universe. And you do this by taking charge of your thoughts.

Create beautiful pictures this week!


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