MUSE-INGS: Joe Sixpack? 2 by 4s? or Living a Conscious Life?

‘Self-Realization’ may seem like a highly abstract term but is truly the purpose of living a human life. Our inner Self is seeking expression in the outer world in which we find our self living. At a very deep unconscious level our being is looking for ways to find meaning and purpose in our life and it is the capital ‘S’ Self that is answering the quest.

Have you ever wondered why you were born? What is it that you are to manifest on the Earth plane that was never there before? What yearning in your spirit is seeking an outlet?

Some of us occasionally consider these questions but daily living gets in the way of pursuing the answers. Sometimes we are busy surviving the day or the month or the bills or the job and pondering philosophical questions seems like a luxury we can’t afford. The truth is that we cannot afford NOT to ponder these questions, for this is what makes us an evolving species, deepening our consciousness and awareness so that subsequent humans can learn from us and continue to develop their awareness.

I’ve never thought that my beloved dog, Tara, wonders why she is here on Planet Earth. That doesn’t mean that she is not conscious for she is definitely an aware being. She follows her instincts and develops her talents and modifies her behaviors when she learns what gains her what she seeks [almost always that is a treat!]. But Tara seems to be on the planet and in our lives to give us unconditional love. And, as a temple dog Lhasa Apso, to protect us by warning when danger or perceived danger is near. That’s it. Pretty simple. She knows what she’s here for so she doesn’t spend much time pondering who she is.

Have you discovered your ‘Big Why’? That seems to be a first step in manifesting your purpose on the planet. Who did you come here to be? These are essential questions to living a Conscious Life.

Remember the old stereotype of ‘Joe Sixpack’ who goes to work, comes home, sits in front of the TV wearing only a tee shirt and drinking a sixpack of beer? I’ve never really met a ‘Joe Sixpack’ but it’s a great metaphor for living an unconscious life. Work, sit, drink in what someone is feeding you [mentally] and drink in a numbing substance so you don’t have to feel your life.

Reaching for Self-Realization asks you to live a different kind of life from the one Joe is living. Do what it takes to discover your purpose and your Big Why. Modify your lifestyle so that you can manifest that purpose in the outer world. Live fully present in each moment as the ‘who’ you came here to be.

Do you need help discovering your purpose or your Big Why? Seek that help. Do you feel you know but you haven’t figured out how to make that happen in your life? Get some help with this, too.

Time is speeding up so rapidly in these times that we no longer have the luxury of being Joe Sixpacks in our lives. If you are receiving this message then you are ready to live a Conscious Life. You are ready to move ahead in the direction of Self-Realization. Follow the steps as outlined in the Mystic Message. Be conscious at all times of what opportunities for growth exist in the present moment.

In the teachings of the gurus, achieving Self-Realization in this lifetime means that you don’t have to come back to live again unless you choose to do so to help others along the path. But I believe that living the Joe Sixpack life requires you to come back with another chance at getting conscious, which means having to learn all those lessons over again.

My choice? I’m getting those lessons over with this lifetime so I don’t have to have any do-overs! And I also try to live a Conscious Life so that I am always asking, ‘What is the lesson in this for me?’ I’m trying to avoid those 2 by 4s that the Universe uses to get our attention.

Join me in living a Conscious Life and consciously avoiding 2 by 4s!


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