After our wonderful blessing with Sri Karunamayi – Amma – last week we are ready to move and to move forward. I hope you have the opportunity someday to experience her unconditional love. Pictured here with her is one of the houses she is building in India for the poor and displaced. To honor our 25th wedding anniversary, we and some of our friends donated funds to build one of these houses.

Are you ready for the July 1 New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse? From the research I am doing this is the beginning of a New Era, a time to shed the old and bring in the new. Hurray!

How in your life do you want to do this? Richard and I are continuing to go through our old stuff, sometimes with emotions of nostalgia, sadness, laughter and sometimes with neutrality [as in “Throw it out!”] We are preparing to leave behind a beautiful house in Colorado and find a new home in California. I’ve talked to others who are seeking shifts in their careers, shifts in their relationships, the lesson of saying ‘no’ when they need to. My sister retired. Multiple friends and family members are looking for jobs. There’s an air of change in our lives.

So what information do you need to make the changes you seek? Some of my clients aren’t sure what they don’t know that they don’t know. Are you like they are? Because so many of us are in transition and need to know the next step to take, I’ve decided to offer Scientific Hand Analysis readings to my ezine subscribers so that you can learn what the Universe gave you in a dermatological message to you at your birth. Your fingerprints don’t change but the lines in your palm can. Over decades of research a scientific system of analyzing palms and fingertips has been developed and I have been studying this system for some time now.

If you would like to know your Life Purpose, the reason you incarnated, the message is in those hands of yours. Let me help you decipher that message, with a little guidance from your angels and spirit guides to help you along the way. Check out this info if you’d like to get the answers to the ‘Why am I here?’ question:Click Here. The special discount code for you to receive $100 off this reading is: EZINE.

And if someone forwarded this ezine issue to you, we’d love to have you join RosemarySpace by signing up to receive your own copy and also get a relaxation meditation audio to download, at:

Hope this eclipse starts a great period of personal growth and Summer fun for you! As we in the US celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, grant yourself independence from the indecisions that are holding you back. Decide on your next step!



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