Mercury Retrograde has really struck us this time!  Three days without internet connections – how we have come to rely on technology and using it to connect with the outside world!  Thankfully, we seem to be reconnected with the world now.  Because Richard and I are such geeks [ we admit it! ] we had iPhone, iPad, Droids to help out.  Many technicians later we are back in business and thankful for the backup systems.  If we didn’t answer your email, you’ll know it wasn’t because we didn’t want to!

So how are your communications going this week?  It seems we’re not the only household to have issues with communications, Mercury’s realm. Did you notice phone or internet issues or other problems with clear communications?  Isn’t it fascinating how many people now know to say, ‘Well, Mercury is Retrograde!’ [which means that from the vantage point of Earth it appears that Mercury is traveling backwards for 3 weeks around 3 times a year].  We are all becoming conscious of this important planetary influence.

But this is also a good time to communicate with other dimensions, like our angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over.  Would you like to get a free message?  Just host a Conversation with The Other Side in your home for 6-12 people and you can attend for free!  I’d love to share messages with your friends & there’s no prep, refreshments or work except to invite them.  Contact me to schedule this fun and educational event in the convenience of your own home.

Some more people have asked about the Mystic Transformation Days [Spend a Day with Your Muse] that I am offering to clients who are interested in a true breakthrough experience to get beyond blocks and limiting beliefs and to develop a roadmap to the next level in their work, their relationships and/or their life.  These full days in beautiful Colorado Springs are very powerful; they are for you only if you are ready to leap forward in your life.  We’ve seen some amazing results and had great fun in this format of working one-on-one for an 8-hour day.  Send me an email and we can schedule a chat to explore if this is for you this Spring/Summer.  I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles, Annapolis, Dallas and New York City this Summer and I have a limited number of slots available to schedule a day in one of those cities.

And remember that the new podcast radio show will be available on Monday, April 25, 2011! Check out The Scientific Mystic Show with Rosemary Bredeson on the website on Monday.  The podcast will be available on other outlets and iTunes shortly after that.  Send in your questions to and I might choose yours to answer on an upcoming show! Do you want a Sneak Preview of the show? Click here.

Mercury Retrograde ends on April 30thHallelujah! And Happy Easter and Passover! Celebrate the change of season by honoring Earth Day.



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