Hello from the Red Lion Hotel in Denver where we’re attending T. Harv Ecker’s Millionaire Mindset Program.   It seems appropriate to share in this issue of the ezine the message I recently received regarding the Consciousness of Money. Check in next week for the posts here on my blog.

I have also been redefining my programs, offerings, and the language I use to show people how I may serve them.  As a part of this process I am including in this week’s ezine my new mission statement.  In coming weeks this ezine will be shifting in format as well.  Stay tuned for what’s new!  Of course, I am still working with clients one-on-one via phone to share guidance from many dimensions and to help you to identify your Life Purpose and Soul Mission and the next steps for your business, relationships and life.

The New Moon in Pisces happens at 1:46 PM Mountain Time on Friday, March 4, 2011.   Use this time to ask the Universe to bring to you something that you have been desiring.  You might write yourself a check, payable to you, signed by ‘The Universe’ with your request as the ‘amount.’  This doesn’t have to be an amount of money but could be something like ‘3 new clients’ or ‘time for relaxation’ or ‘a surprise gift.’  Be creative.  Put the check [or letter to The Universe] away and forget about it.  Don’t get obsessive or worried but allow the energy of the request to magnetize its fulfillment.  Try it this New Moon!

Enjoy your week as Spring time is beginning in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn starts in the Southern.  March ‘came in like a lamb’ in Colorado Springs with temperatures near 70!  Of course, the high temperature on the New Moon is supposed to be in the 30s with snow.  If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait a minute!





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