“Dear One,

“You have been given this dream that you might share it and its message with others.  It is time for the People of the Earth to rise up and declare their intention to live on Earth in The Divine Feminine Way.

“No longer can Mother Earth sustain the patriarchy’s abuse of her resources and her peoples.  You are seeing the culmination of the end times of the old paradigm.

“This does not mean the end times of Planet Earth.  Rather, it is She who will continue to exist and the People of the Earth who must change or leave Her.

“The old paradigm of power over others will collapse.  There are many who view this as immaterial to themselves because they believe themselves to be impervious to what is happening with ‘the little people’ – those they view as inferior.  They are wrong.”Those who perceive themselves to be impervious are the most vulnerable for they have the farthest to fall when their ivory towers are toppled.

“Those, however, who have lifted up their consciousness to higher levels have nothing to fear, for even death is not a threat to them, merely a doorway to Other Dimensions.

“The Way of the Divine Feminine is the most important focus for the coming days.  Taking care of Self and Others.  Focusing on what really matters vs. what one is told is important.  Finding strength, courage and confidence to go out into the world with one’s unique message for humanity.  THIS is what is important.  The leaders of oppressive institutions — governments, churches and corporations — will topple from the heights that they believe to be their rights.  The people who destroy the base of these self-proclaimed temples will triumph and the people who remain will create community from the wreckage of the old institutions.  The time is NOW for radical change.
“And so it is.”

Let me just add a word or two here about the term ‘end times.’  There are those who would say that the world is ending and ‘they’ are going to Heaven while the rest of the inhabitants of Earth will be condemned to eternal flames.  This is not happening.

But there must be changes in the way that we live on Planet Earth in the coming times.

Examine this dream for any particular message FOR YOU.  In the great collective consciousness we dream for each other.  As I continue to work with this dream I keep finding new information, guidance and wisdom.  Feel free to use this dream as part of your exploration of these times.  You might get a different message or an enhancement to what is contained here.  You might find something very personal that is revealed to you by examining this dream.  Use it as a starting point in doing spiritual exploration.

And ask yourself about the ways in which you can manifest The Divine Feminine Way in your life today.


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