THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Reach for the Joy!

Dear Ones,

Be joyful today!  Fill your heart and your life with Joy!

Are you concerned that you are not feeling very joyous today?  Are you thinking about your problems or all the issues with which you are wrestling?  Is your ‘to-do’ list taking over your day?

We would tell you that Joy is not something that happens to you.  Joy is not what you feel when everything in your life is going smoothly or going your way.  Completing your ‘to-do’ list does not bring Joy into your life.  YOU bring Joy into your life!

Think about that last sentence.  Joy is not an accident, so you must bring Joy into your own life.  Please do not equate Joy with Happiness for they are not the same.  Happy, sad – these are reactions to what is happening to you or to the circumstances in which you find yourself.  Joy is a sense within yourself that you are connected to the Source of all Love in the Universe, that your Life Plan is unfolding as it should, and that you are connected with your Life Purpose and are living in consonance with this.  Joy resides within you and is always available to you although, at times, you might forget its existence.

Seek Joy because you wish to express it in your outer life.  Find the Joy that is available to you.  And to do this you must first learn to go inside yourself.

Many people fear reaching into their innermost regions because they are afraid of what they will find there.  It is easy to create such a busy life that there is no time to go inside.  It is easy to focus on other people or work or tasks to accomplish before taking the time to do what is called ‘inner work.’  But we would tell you to ask yourself if all the ‘busyness’ is a distraction from your real work.  Ask yourself if you are using other people or work or tasks on your ‘to-do’ list to avoid going inside yourself to do the work required for your own growth.  If you are honest with yourself and you realize that you have been avoiding ‘inner work’ then now is the time to commit to yourself that you will make the time to do it.

For the reward is Joy.  Are you afraid to experience the pain of processing emotionally distressing events from your past?  Are you worried that doing ‘inner work’ will open a floodgate of emotion that you are ill-prepared to handle?  You do not need to do this work alone.  There are others who can assist you on the inner journey to Joy.  And not all processes/techniques require that you feel again the emotions that are within.  Use those emotions as signals that there is something for you to learn and learn the lesson.  The necessity for the emotion then goes away.

Try meditation as a way to go inside to find Joy for your life.  Some are afraid that meditation is a difficult thing to learn or that they are not doing it correctly.  Meditation can be simply stilling an analytical mind long enough to allow a connection to one’s inner being without the distraction of active thinking.  A set of slow breaths can be a meditation.  This does not need to be a formal practice nor does it need to take a long time.  But the benefits of a break in your day to connect with the Inner You can be great.

When you are forgetting that there is Joy deep within you, it might seem more difficult for you to work to access that Joy, but the important thing to remember is that you do not need to seek Joy from an external source.  Joy does not come through substances, people, circumstances, money or success.  Joy does not come and go with the vagaries of daily activity.  Joy is a solid constant within you and all you need to do is to remember that it lives within and that you can always have access to Joy.  Reach inside to find the Joy that lives there.  No matter what is happening in your day, pause and reach for Joy.  Remember that you are always connected to the Source of Love in the Universe.  Remember the connection, reach inside and find the Joy.

May your day be filled with the Joy that awaits you!

And so it is.


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