Pandoras ClusterIt’s November – less than 2 months left in the year 2014. Do you know where your year went?

Someone reported the November 6 Full Moon as ‘a doozy!’ Was it so for you? Are you ready to learn on the Taurus – Scorpio continuum? Think Ferdinand the Bull meets the Scorpion who is transforming into the Eagle. Where are you along that spectrum?

Time to let go of whatever is keeping you from soaring as the Eagle!

It seems that people are already getting into holiday mode so make sure you are putting self-love on your agenda for the next couple of months! Find healthy recipes, schedule some fun but not exhausting activities, block off ‘me time’ on your calendar now and don’t let every day get filled by other people and their agendas.

Now is the time to start thinking about 2015. This is the first year that I have used a Possibilities Playbook and I am loving it! I’m hearing the same report from the others who have attended a Possibilities Playshop this year. Not only is it fun to gather in a group to create or update your personal Playbook, it’s also a great way to clear away the next layer of blocks and create the next big dream so that your 2015 Possibilities can be realized. Come play with us on December 13th! Here are the details: Possibilities

We might be changing up the MuseLetter this week – Tristan is here (oh, and he brought his parents!) so it’s ‘Mimi’ and ‘Papa’ time at the Bredeson house. Please excuse me while I play! 

I’m not taking off for the whole holiday period, though, because there is so much information and guidance waiting to come through that I have more activities planned. Here’s the schedule:

Where’s Rosemary? 

November 18 – The Oracle Speaks – I will be channeling another message from The Divine Feminine at 7:00 pm EST. Last time blew us all away! You’ll want to join us live, either in person in Severna Park or online/phone remotely. Details: Oracle Speaks

December 5-7 – Practice Building Breakthrough, Los Angeles. AND we’ll get another dose of Tristan while we’re there! Woo Hoo!

December 11 – The Oracle Speaks – last one before the start of 2015! Join us for the message where we tune into the energies and guidance for the coming year. Details: Oracle Speaks

December 13 – Possibilities Playshop – Plan for 2015 and have a lot of fun creating your own Playbook! And if you listened to The Divine Feminine on the 11th you’ll have an idea of the energies you’ll be working with in the coming ‘moonths.’ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EST. Details: Playshop

Remember to be grateful all month for that which already exists in the Universe! Don’t save Gratitude for Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Holiday Spirit!


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