LL OrionisHappy Halloween! Happy Samhain! Happy Celtic New Year! Happy All Saints Day (November 1)! Happy All Souls Day (November 2)! Happy Dia de Muertos! This is a time to celebrate Life in this physical form and those who have transitioned beyond this form. (It’s not just about Halloween candy.)

The veil between the worlds is said to be the thinnest during this period (and it still is today!) It is no wonder that many traditions celebrate the connection with loved ones who have crossed over. If you are missing your loved ones, this is a good time to schedule a session to connect with them. I am offering a special Connection Session, a half-hour reading where you can connect with a loved one, angel, spirit guide and receive the message that you need to hear now. Available in person, on the phone or by videoconference. Here’s the link to order: Special Connection Session (send me an email if you have any questions. The session is recorded for you!)

It is time for another Full Moon so get ready for Thursday, November 6th at 5:22 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) when the Moon in the sign of Taurus will be in opposition to the Sun in Scorpio. Remember that the New Moon is when we sow and the Full Moon is when we reap/harvest. What did you plant during that New Moon Eclipse on October 23? Are you ready to decide what really matters to you and to let go of what holds you back from having your dreams fulfilled? This is the time to release what doesn’t serve your personal growth and evolution. 

Pay attention to your thoughts at this time and notice if you are projecting something onto others that is really coming from inside you, a disowned part of you. This is called ‘shadow work’ and people seem to think it’s all about accepting the parts we don’t like about ourselves, but it can be that the powerful parts got shut away in a closet because someone else felt threatened and it’s time to bring that part out of the shadow.

I’m working with several private clients right now who are claiming their powerful, whole self by turning off the voices in their heads that come from someone else. It’s beautiful to see! I hope you do the work to find and claim the parts of you that you’ve hidden away. It’s time to let you inner Light shine! 

Here’s where I’ll be in the next few weeks: 

November 18 and December 11 at 7:00 pm EST – The Oracle Speaks, where I channel a timely message from The Divine Feminine and attendees can ask questions. You can choose to join one or both events. This experience is not just a ‘lecture’ – it’s a transformative energy transmission! Come and share in the experience in person or join us online. Details: The Oracle Speaks

December 5-7 at the Practice Building Breakthrough Event in LA with Christine Kloser and Brian Whetten. (Also visiting our new little grandson in LA!)

December 13 – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm — The Possibilities Playshop – This is tremendous fun and you will create your Possibilities Playbook for the coming months, with an emphasis on the cycles of the Moon and how to use them to manifest your dreams. You’ll pull pictures out of magazines but this is NOT a typical vision board experience! Your unconscious mind in cahoots with your spirit guides will design the Playbook for you! And you will LAUGH a lot! Some fun folks have already signed up and space is limited so be sure to claim your spot soon. Details: Possibilities Playshop

The energies of transformation are all around us and in us right now. Please remember to be gentle with yourself. If I can support you through these changes, let me know! 

Tomorrow is election day here in the US. Remember to VOTE!!!


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