wfpic2The Transformational Author Breakthrough Event last week with Christine Kloser was TRULY transformational!What a great three days I had in Baltimore with Christine and lots of friends that I had met at last year’s event. This is a tribe of soul-centered individuals who are ready to make a difference in the world through sharing their stories. And they are fun!

I hope you have a tribe or tribes that share your perspective and world view and support you in your soul journey. If you don’t yet, find one! You have the support of RosemarySpace because the folks who join me along the way are awesome people! (And, yes, this means YOU!)

On September 20 we’ll be holding a Possibilities Playshop here in Maryland. If you are local or can get here, please do join us for an amazing day of fun, laughter, joy and progress! You’ll be in an intimate group of explorers looking into your possibilities for the coming months. Your Playbook, which you will create during the Playshop, becomes your guidance journal and reminder of the possibilities available through the months. There are details here and feel free to email any questions to me. Be sure to register before the Early Bird deadline September 15!

Playshop Details and Registration

Did the last Full Moon hit you as hard as it did me and others I’ve talked to? Whew! THIS is why we need to create our Possibilities Playbooks so we can track where the Moon is in her cycle and prepare to deal with and utilize the energies. After the Full Moon, as we approach the New Moon on September 24, we are supported in clearing and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve our highest good – clutter, limiting beliefs, old problems. Keep doing your Fall Housecleaning!

If you’re in the LA area I’ll be visiting there (seeing our new grandson, Tristan!) later in September. I would love to get together! There might even be an opportunity for a Conversation with The Other Side if you would like to host one while I’m there. Please send me an email to explore:

I hope you like this Hubble Space Telescope picture. It’s the result of looking into an ‘empty’ place in the heavens. Ha Ha Ha! The Universe revealed itself to us! What dark places in yourself can you explore this week to find the light of the possibilities that you didn’t know were there?

Have fun exploring!


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