Leap! – Richard’s Commentary

Somehow it doesn’t seem like we have leapt into Spring yet! We are only a day away from the Equinox and there is still snow on the ground from our Monday storm. The temperatures are slowly rising. But then did I hear something about snow next week?! I don’t know about you but I am ready to leap!

Or am I? There is a higher, broader “leap” The Divine Feminine are asking us to take in their message Rosemary channeled. And it’s a challenge; here it is:

You are being called to bring your heart, your feelings, your emotions into your daily interactions because it is through your heart that you can access your intuition. By allowing yourself to ‘feel your answers’ you can better interact with other people from a place of heart-felt love.

This is not the smallest task The Divine Feminine has asked of us! I think (note that word I just wrote) that it is difficult to “feel answers.” It is especially difficult for men to “bring our hearts” into daily interactions. And yet how else can we ever hope to make progress into becoming truly 21st Century humans?

While we wait for Putin’s next move in the Crimea/Ukraine arena of what we thought was a long-dead cold war, it is a challenge to bring my heart into the process and feel what is going on there. When I look at Putin I see a cold, hard, calculating menace to world peace. But where is my heart in this? Can I treat Russia as a being and accept that this may only be a defensive reaction? Is the heart of Russia threatened by the potential encroachment of NATO and Western Europe into her sphere of influence? Can this be more of a “heart reaction” than a cold, calculating grab for power?

What if I look at all of my interactions, day-to-day, ordinary-to-extraordinary, from my heart? Some days this is easier than others. Tonight Rosemary and I are going to a monthly social meeting of a local LGBT community. We always have a good time with these wonderful people. It is so easy to come from the heart in this group, to think through the heart and be genuine. I just finished assembling all of our tax return information to be sent off to our accountant. I will mail the package with heart-felt thanks that my taxes are going for the best our governments can do for me and us (and I may even get a refund!).

As I write this I am writing from the heart. I am thinking of all of you, dear readers, wherever you are, and asking you to take a moment and think of two aspects in your life now. First think of something very pleasant, maybe some future event that you are looking forward to, and move into your heart to sense how you will feel. Hold that feeling. Now move into a situation you are avoiding (maybe it’s even pulling together your tax information!). Can you take that warm-heart feeling into this unpleasant situation and get a sense that you can come at this task from your heart? This takes practice, I know. But it is worth the effort!

It is time for change. It is time for humans to mold the world in the image of a heart! We can do this one person at a time as we, together, make the leap. And as The Divine Feminine urge:

Be the evolutionary human being that you were born to be. Make the leap.



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