ngc2074If a flock of robins is in the yard, can Spring be far beyond? We still have another 2 weeks of Winter to get through before the Spring Equinox and one more week of building, waxing Moon energy. This is still the time to be planning, assessing, dreaming of new projects and ideas.

How are you doing with your dreams for 2014? Are you focused? Do you have a way to live your purpose that stretches you to grow? After the transformation energy of 2012 arrived there has been an urgency to keep moving forward, to clear away the clutter and the blocks that might have been holding you back. This Spring Equinox is inviting you to burst forth onto the world stage as the flowers in your garden will blossom! Are you prepared? Have you done the work of Winter to examine your limiting beliefs and release them?

Getting ready for Spring is more than planning what to plant and bringing out the clothes for the season. This year make sure your Spring Cleaning includes some mental and emotional clearing as well. If you’re tired of not realizing your big dreams, if you feel stuck and can’t see your way to those dreams, then do the inner work to clear the path so that you can Spring Forward this month. Be sure to schedule your private session with me to clear away Winter’s cobwebs as you seek clarity about what’s ahead for you and what your next step should be. Send me an email and we can look at what would be the best support for you as this year continues to unfold and we move into a new season.

And REMEMBER TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS AHEAD 1 HOUR SUNDAY MORNING IN THE US!!! It’s time for Daylight Savings Time again so you’ll lose an hour’s sleep Saturday night but Sunday evening you’ll enjoy the extra daylight. Prepare to Spring Forward in your life as you Spring Forward your clocks.

Are you in the Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington areas? I’m thinking of heading there after Suzanne Evans’ Be The Change event at the end of April. Would you be interested in gathering some friends and hosting a Conversation with The Other Side? Or having a private session with me in person while I visit? Send me an email and I’ll see if I can put a Pacific Northwest tour together! I might even offer the Possibilities Playshop in Portland! Let me know what you’re interested in attending.

Have a Dream-y week! Remember to DREAM BIG!!!


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