Do you know your Heart’s Desire? Do you have a Big Wish?

Remember when you were a kid and grownups kept asking you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Most children have a ready answer for that question. It might change over time, but they know in the moment. Doctor. Firefighter. Teacher. Soldier. Dancer.

I have a friend whose little girl is saving up for her own plane. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you.

So what do you want? What is your Heart’s Desire?

For most of us, past the age of 21, our Heart’s Desire isn’t some THING to own but something less tangible. World peace. An end to hunger/homelessness/poverty/cancer. A happy family. A grand romance. To be on TV with Oprah. To be healed of a disease. To have financial security. To have a child.

What is your Big Wish?

Reach into the depths of your Heart and ask yourself that question. Most of us can come up with the answer we think we’re supposed to say, like ‘an end to illiteracy’ or ‘world peace,’ but keep asking yourself, “What’s behind that wish?”

What we really want is the feeling we’ll have when our wish is realized.

Some of us have never really probed into our own desires. In today’s world, it can be especially difficult for women to access what their Heart’s Desire truly is. We’ve been taught to fulfill everyone else’s needs before we even address our own needs, much less our desires. Men, too, can struggle with this because they have been taught that it is their job to make things happen and they might be afraid to dream too big and be unable to realize that dream.

But I give you permission, right now, today, to take some time to explore what you truly desire, deep in your Heart of Hearts.

There is no judgment about your dream. No one will laugh or criticize or tell you that you can’t achieve that dream. What desire is it that, when you picture yourself having that desire manifest in your life, makes your heart sing? What is the deep desire that brings a smile to your face as you consider it?

It might also bring a quaking to the knees and a sense of fear and even the sound of ‘old tapes’ playing in your head that cause you to shut down and grow small again. If the dream doesn’t challenge your reality then it’s probably not the BIG ONE!

Dream BIG!!! Find out what your Heart’s Desire is.

And then energize it. Plan for it. Think about it. Figure out the first step to realizing it. Picture it as if it is already here and step into how it feels. Share your Big Dream with a carefully selected audience who will support you no matter what.

The first step to living your dream is to DISCOVER IT. There’s a song in the wonderful show, ‘South Pacific,’ that contains the line, ‘If you don’t have a dream, then how are you going to have a dream come true?’

The next step is to CLAIM IT. Be bold. Let yourself dream big. Find that Heart’s Desire that energizes you.

And, finally, stop hiding in your life and PURSUE THE DREAM! I’ll give you another song from a show as inspiration. In the Disney movie, ‘Frozen,’ there is a great song, ‘Let It Go,’ that is sung by Idina Menzel with such great enthusiasm. It’s about being YOU in all your BIGness. Claim YOU without hiding. Your dream is yours to realize.

Live YOUR Heart’s Desire!


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