How are you looking at 2014? Are you still keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? How are doing toward your goals? Do you have a big to-do list for the year?

This year make a pact with yourself to BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE. If that is your only resolution, goal, to-do YOU WILL BE AMAZING this year!

January is a good time for an assessment of where you’ve been and where you’re going. A lot of folks work towards the New Year on January 1 but the holidays and end of year confusion can sometimes make that a difficult time to concentrate on deep desires for the coming year.

How about trying something new this year?

Let’s declare the New Year starting with the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, with the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice. This way we can move beyond all the end of the year hullabaloo and spend our January recovering or putting away decorations or getting the bills out of the way and then relax and focus on the energies coming in for the New Year.

2014 is a year of the Wood Horse. This is the energy of new growth and charging forward. Are you ready?

2014 is also the year of Transformation that carries us forward on the tide of change that 2012 energized within us. The Big Shift is upon us.

If you focus your Horse Year energy on BEING YOU you can take yourself forward into the life you were meant to be living on Planet Earth. When you go inside yourself and commit to BEING YOU, you will find that all the tasks on your to-do list follow naturally from that Being-ness. Goals follow in the same way.

And there is no need for resolutions because you are learning to trust the inner voice that comes from your inner guidance telling you, reminding you, to be the Light that you already are.

Too often people seem to get excited about goals and resolutions in the New Year and they forget to live in the present moment. They are focused on some time in the future, after they change something about themselves and/or their life. They start living in ‘Someday’ and ‘When X then Y’ thinking.

Here’s the most important goal for you to have in 2014:

“I listen to my inner guidance and commit today to live my life BEING ME.”

That’s it. That’s all the resolution that you need for the New Year. All your goals fall under this.

Once you have freed yourself from creating a list of resolutions that might even be based on what you think you should do, not on your heart’s desires for the year, you can relax into being yourself and following your heart.

What are you greatest dreams? What is your Life Purpose? Do you know your Life Lesson so that you can use it to help you grow and not succumb to it as a blind spot?

What is your ‘Bodacious Wish for 2014’?

Answer all these questions and you will have a blueprint for how you want to be this year.

Once you have identified your dreams and wishes and Purpose you can develop your business plan or vision board or list of goals but they will all be in the context of who you ARE in this year.

Climb onto your 2014 Horse and charge forward, being the YOU you were born to be. This is your year. Live Your Richest Life!

PS:  Are you ready to BE YOU? Here’s a way to get some insight into what it means to BE YOU: I am offering a video recording and all the bonuses from my 2014 Possibilities Playshop I held last week. It’s a great way to move into self-discovery about how you want to BE this year. Details Here


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