tranantuala nebHow are you liking 2014 so far? A lot of people seem to be experiencing the excitement of anticipating a lot of movement forward this year. I don’t think we’ll be allowed to sit still through the next 12 months!

If you’re wondering what the energies for 2014 will be, there is a lot of information in the Satsang with Rosemary message from the Winter Solstice 2013. The Divine Feminine gave us a good description of what to expect. You can purchase the audio download HERE Download if you weren’t able to join us.

Or you can receive if FREE as a bonus when you decide to join the Possibilities Playshop: Creating Your Guidebook for 2014 on January 25! We are going to have so much fun that day as you meet your Spirit Guide for 2014 and discover your theme for the year, plus create tools to support you all through the following months. Get the details here and be sure to sign up before January 17th to get the early bird discount!

We’re planning the Playshop to get ready for the Lunar New Year, just before the second New Moon in January 2014. The energy of the Full Moon on January 15 will help you clear away the cobwebs from 2013 as you release what doesn’t serve you so you can move forward in your life. This Full Moon happens at 11:53 pm in the Eastern Time Zone so it’s almost at midnight. As you go to sleep on the 15th, invite your unconscious mind to release the beliefs that have kept you disconnected from your inner essence in the past. Pay attention to your dreams that night, or to the fact that you might not remember any. That’s okay – it means your deep unconscious has done all the work for you!

Plan to celebrate the Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year with the next New Moon at the end of the month. 2014 holds lots of NEW energy for you!

By the way, a second bonus for joining the Possibilities Playshop is the audio of the Moon Cycles message from The Divine Feminine to help you work with the energy of the Moon through its cycles.

Here in the US we’ve been experiencing some frigid weather. I hope you’re staying warm! And to our friends in Australia who are too hot, thanks for sending a warmup our way!

Remember that Winter is a time to go into your cave and meet yourself. Take time for YOU to honor your own need to hibernate or to question or to retreat a bit. Connect to yourself.

May the temperature in your area be perfect for you! And may you enjoy the Power of Connection through the coming week!


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