Star AngelHappy Winter Solstice! [Here in the Northern Hemisphere.] Saturday, December 21 is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. I hope you are planning to honor the Solstice and enjoy the energies of this longest night.

We’re celebrating this time of reflection by sharing with you the Solstice Satsang with RosemaryTeachings from Many Dimensions at no cost! At 7:00 PM Eastern Time I will be channeling a message from The Divine Feminine about the energies to expect in 2014 and how we can respond to those energies. Every year, when we tune into the coming times, The Divine Feminine have given us guidance that has really helped us to understand what the energies are that we will have to utilize in our work, relationships, lives. This information is enlightening and I’m excited to be sharing this time with you on the Winter Solstice. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions of The Divine Feminine about personal or general topics.

You can join us in person in Severna Park, Maryland or online via videoconference or phone. Here’s how to register and remember to use the Coupon Code ‘FREEDECEMBER’ to bring the usual investment of $33 down to $0. Satsang Registration

We are getting ready to ‘hibernate’ for the Winter, a time to go inside and reflect, review, revise, re-evaluate. On Saturday, January 25 we’ll be hosting a play-shop to help you access your intuitive guidance for 2014 and develop your personal guidebook for the year. I have a lot of fun activities planned for the full-day event and it will include some meditation exercises to help you develop tools to use in the coming months. We’ve scheduled this for the Lunar New Year period [Chinese New Year is January 31] so you’ll be learning about using the Cycles of the Moon to help you with the energies of 2014. You can join us in person in Maryland for the day or from your home via videoconference. THIS is why I’ve asked you to start saving pictures from magazines! But we won’t be doing the standard ‘vision boa rd’ exercise – this will be more fun!

Save the date! I’ll send you more details later. And if you can come in person to spend the day with us in our home, we’d love it! The perfect way to reflect on the New Year for yourself.

We’re going into holiday mode for a bit and spending lots of time with family as well as just relaxing around the Christmas tree. We’ve streamlined the holiday traditions to be more about the people and less about the presents. Take care of yourself over the coming weeks. Enjoy your alone time. Enjoy being with others. Find someone to help. Ask someone for help. It’s all good.

May you and yours be surrounded by laughter and love and joy. May your smiles be the most contagious they can be. May the Light of the Sun bring a brightness to every one of your days. It is my heartfelt wish that this Yuletide warm your heart and gladden your spirit.

I thank you for being a part of RosemarySpace. Whether you have been with me for years or have just joined the community, please know that you are a valuable part of my life and it brings me joy each week to send you LOVE and CYBER HUGS through this MuseLetter and the video.

2014 is going to be an awesome year! We start on January 1 with a New Moon so everything comes with a freshness, a fresh start to Life! I look forward to sharing the ride with you.

Happy, Happy Solstice/Yule/Christmas/Kwanzaa/New Year! I love you!

P.S. If you’d like to give a great Gift of Guidance to a loved one or ESPECIALLY to yourself, then take advantage of this very special investment of $65 for a Reading by Rosemary. You can have a private session with me, hear what your guides and mine want you to hear, get the answers to your questions and guidance about the next step to take. If you’d like to give this as a gift to another person, I’ll send you a pretty gift certificate via email that you can print out for the recipient. It’s never too late to give the Gift of Guidance!
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