ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Success of Your Authentic Self

We forget, sometimes. We get caught up in images and activities and, horror of horrors, what other people think. We look in the mirror and see all the things that don’t match what we think we are supposed to look like. We envy the person who has the better partner, car, job, bank account.

And so we try. We follow a leader who says, ‘Just do what I do and you will have great success.’ We buy the clothes we think we should wear. We only date the folks we think our friends, parents, children will approve. We take a job that pays what someone says we should make, even if the job makes us feel miserable.

We forget.

We forget to reach inside ourselves for answers. We forget that we are ‘enough’ just as we are. We forget that no one else knows exactly what our Soul Contract with the Universe is and that we agreed to come into this world at this time.

We forget that we are a Child of the Universe with a unique reason for being on Planet Earth in the 21st Century. We forget that Mother Earth asked for us to come to her at this very moment in her history. We forget that we have a Purpose and that there is a reason we were born.

Our only work is to remember.

Remember that you are the only YOU the Universe will ever need. Remember that you are the Light of the World that only you can shine. Remember that your Purpose cannot be accomplished by any other Soul.

Remember that the Universe and Mother Earth conspired to bring you into human form to accomplish that Purpose and that they pledged to support you, with all the resources that you need to do that.

And all that you need to do is to Remember Who You Are.

Remember that all the circumstances around you have been brought to you by your ego/personality so that your Soul can learn the lessons it needs to learn. Remember that you are NOT your circumstances.

Remember that all the people around you are present to assist you in learning your lessons. Some of them drew the short straw and agreed to come into being so that they could represent the ‘jerk’ energy that you need to encounter to help you learn your lessons. Some people are here to help you remember that, while they may act as if they have something to say about you, you are not defined or confined or identified by anything that they say or think.

Your Authentic Self is the You who is the Light in the World that vibrates to your own unique frequency. Your success depends only on the extent to which you express your unique self in the world.

Be authentic. Be the real you. There is no one and nothing to hide behind. No one can judge you. No one can hold you back. Who can fight against the Universe and Mother Earth who are united to support you?

Get to know your Authentic Self. Get help to recognize yourself if you forget who you are. Present ONLY your Authentic Self to the world and allow others to learn their own lessons while you focus on yours.

And all you have to do is Remember.

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