NGC-2074Happy Holidays! I love this season. So much going on, so many fun activities and people to see. And I love taking time out of busy-ness to focus on relaxing, looking inward, getting ready for the coming year.

We’ve had so much guidance about what to offer in the coming months that I can hardly wait to reveal it all! Not yet, though. Soon.

The Full Moon on Tuesday, December 17 at 4:28 AM Eastern Standard Time invites us to release our old patterns as we get ready for the very special energy of the Winter Solstice on December 21. What has been holding you back from living your richest life? What do you need to ‘get it together’ for 2014? Release the blocks so you can move forward. Clear the limiting beliefs that don’t belong in the new energy of the New Year! Now is the time.

In these times of overwhelm and scattered energy it is even more important to assess where we are and where we are going. Everyone is focusing on end of year matters – finances, taxes, getting things done. Then many of us make New Year’s Resolutions to start on January 2 after the holidays. The percentage of people who break those resolutions before January 31 is a very high number! Instead of making and breaking resolutions this year, how about giving yourself the gift of loving your Authentic Self? Enjoy the end of the year. Make every decision from Who You Really Are. Enjoy the beginning of the New Year. See how 2014 feels at the start. Look at your plans and try them on as you would try on a new wardrobe in the store.

We’re offering new programs in 2014 but were guided to wait to present the details until you have had a chance to clear away 2013’s cobwebs. Go gently forward through the end of this year and the beginning of the next. We will be here to support you as you leap forward.

I have been guided to gift you with a FREE TICKET to Satsang with Rosemary – Teachings from Many Dimensions! This gift of guidance is my way of helping you to see clearly into the transition between the years. On the Winter Solstice, December 21 at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time I will be teaching with guidance from The Divine Feminine and will be available for you to ask questions of me and The Divine Feminine – AT NO COST!!! Satsang with Rosemary is normally $33 but this is my holiday gift to you.

I’d love it if you join us LIVE IN MARYLAND but you can also participate via videoconference or by phone from anywhere in the world. Please register so that you can find out what to expect in the coming year! Here’s how to sign up: Register (Registration is required so I can send you directions; your credit card information is not required.)

The beautiful crystal spiral that we showed you last week will still be in place for the Solstice Satsangso do come and enjoy the energies.

Remember to take care of yourself during what could become very hectic days!

And the best gift you can gift yourself or another person is the Gift of Guidance! Readings by Rosemary have been valued gifts every year so that personal guidance and answers to questions can help you or a loved one really finish the old year and get ready for the new. Gift Certificates are available HERE

I love and support you – the Authentic YOU!


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